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What is written on Ronald McDonald's gravestone?


What does it say on the gravestone of the guy who made Beyblades?

Let him RIP!

There once was a boy named "Odd."

People made fun of him because of his name, so he decided to keep his gravestone blank when he died.

Now when people pass by the burial site, they point and say, "That's odd."

Gravestone joke, There once was a boy named "Odd."

A boy and his mother passed a cemetery. The boy saw a gravestone read 'Here lies an honest lawyer'.

He said to his mother "I thought Gandhi was cremated."

A little boy and his father are walking in a cemetery

...and come across a gravestone that reads "here lies a lawyer and a good man"

The boy asks his father "Dad, why did they bury 2 men in 1 grave?"

Two men walking in a cemetery find a gravestone

Two men walking in a cemetery find a recent gravestone , so they read it:

-"Here lies an honest man and a competent lawyer"

So one of the guys turn to the other:

-"When did they start burying two people together?"

A man is taking his dog for a walk through a graveyard early one morning.

A man is taking his dog for a walk through a graveyard early one morning when he sees an elderly man crouched by a gravestone. Not wishing to appear rude the dog-walker greets the elderly man with a cheery:


The elderly man replies:

"Oh no, just taking a dump."

Gravestone joke, A man is taking his dog for a walk through a graveyard early one morning.

Gravestone of a lawyer

"Here lies a lawyer. he lies still."

Open wide ye heavenly gates!

Open wide ye heavenly gates!

For Father suffered in passing through,

and Mother weighs much more.


My ex-wife recently passed away. Guess what she got on her gravestone?

My urine.

Here's a story about a boy with a strange name...

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Odd. Throughout his childhood he was picked on and bullied ruthlessly because of his name. He was so ashamed of that when he died, he decided to leave his gravestone blank.

Now, years later, whenever they pass his grave they would say, "That's odd."

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Wise words from a Gravestone

In life... a man needs a woman he can laugh with,

a woman who will cook for him,

a woman who he can enjoys life's adventures with,

and it's super important that these women never meet,

Otherwise you will end up in the ground like me.

What do you write on a Robot's gravestone?

Rust In Peace

My therapist asked me how I knew I was in the wrong body.

I simply checked the gravestone.

I was walking past a graveyard yesterday...

A man was crouching behind a gravestone.

'Mourning?' I asked.

'Nah, just taking a shit'

If I had 3 knives, and you took 1, what would you have?

A gravestone.

Gravestone joke, If I had 3 knives, and you took 1, what would you have?

Steven Hawkings is going to have amazing flowers at his gravestone.

What's on robot's gravestone?

Rust in peace

If I was Jim Carrey I wouldn't have "RIP" on my gravestone.

I'd have: "Take care now, bye bye then!"

Saw a gravestone yesterday marked 'Eliza'...

Eliza Mann

Nothing else signifies the end of a beyblade career like a gravestone. It's the last way to...

Let it R.I.P.

I asked my dying father if he could pay for his expensive gravestone in advance before he died.

He replied, "Over my dead body."

My dad uses to tell this joke alot

There was once a man named Odd. He was very embarresed by his name and didn't want anyone to know about it. When he died he had no name written on his gravestone.

One day a bunch of tourists came to his town and visited the graveyard where they came across a gravestone with no name on it.

"That's Odd!" He said

When is the best occasion to wear a gravestone marker hat?

When your hair is dyed

What did the robot have written on their gravestone?

Rust In Peace

What do you call a plan to kill a bunch of crows that are hanging around on a gravestone?

A plot to murder a murder plot's murder.

Whats engraved on the gravestone of a person who died of leprosy?

Rest in pieces

I was walking in a cemetery this morning and saw a bloke hiding behind a gravestone. I said, "Morning."

He replied, "No, just having a shit."

"I saw a famous rapper urinating onto a gravestone."

"P. Diddy?"

"Yes, onto a gravestone."

I have to walk through a cemetery to get to work

This morning as I was walking through I saw someone crouching behind a gravestone. I said, 'Morning.' He said, 'No I'm just doing a poo.'

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