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Thought up this one in class today. (OC) "What did the one gravedigger say to the other as they lowered the body of a patronizing embezzler into his grave?"

"It's always nice to see a condescending con descending".

Our local gravedigger recently became very ill...

I'm filling in for him.

A friend told me he was walking by a cemetery last night.

A friend told me he was walking by a cemetery last night, and claimed he witnessed the gravedigger handing over several bodies to a shady-looking man wearing a trench coat.

"Hmmm, seems unlikely," I said. "are you sure that's what you saw?"

"Absolutely," he replied. "It was a dead giveaway."

Gravedigger joke, A friend told me he was walking by a cemetery last night.

I used to love eating aged meat.

That was until the gravedigger caught me.

Now I like fresh meat.

He was delicious!

The wife enters the husband's office...

The wife enters the husband's office with her mother by her side and says:
"George, is it true that your partner just died?"
"Yes, it is, honey. Why do you ask?"
"I was wondering, could you please put mom in his place?"
He replies: "Well, you'll just need to talk to the gravedigger, I'm fine with it."

A gravedigger buried a coffin in the wrong place

He has made a grave mistake.

Why aren't grave-diggers creative?

Because they're all very down-to-earth people.

Gravedigger joke, Why aren't grave-diggers creative?

Why did the gravedigger quit his job at the haunted cementery?

He was in GRAVE danger.

When I die...

...have The Gravedigger run over my hearse with me in it.

Did you hear about the gravedigger that dug the wrong hole ?

That was a grave mistake...

What do you call an asexual gravedigger?

An ace of spades.

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