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Grandpas last words before he kicked the bucket

"How far do you think I can kick this bucket?"

Today, after a quick search, I realized that I'm actually related to a lot of people on Reddit.

Either that, or it turns out that there are just an awful lot of nice grandpas who sucked at building cabinets.

Grandpa Joke

I was driving around with my Grandfather yesterday. As we passed a cemetery he says,
"People are dying to get in there, you know".
I couldn't help but bust out laughing. I'm 29 years old...Gotta love Grandpas

Since We're Posting Jokes From Our Grandpas...

A twenty-something with a rainbow colored mohawk is sitting at a booth at a restaurant. After a while he realizes an old man sitting there staring at him. He goes back to eating but the old man is still staring at him. Eventually, he goes over and asks "look, can I help you?" and the old man says "well son, years ago I had sex with a parrot and I was wondering if you might be my son."

Grandpas joke: Ellen's church recognition

Ellen was very involved with her church and community projects. So much so, the paster decided to recognize her efforts during Sunday service.

Paster Davis: I'd like to take a moment to recognize Ellen for her hard work and contributions. Ellen come up here and take a bow.

Ellen smiles and bows.

Paster Davis: to reward your efforts, why don't you pick out the next 3 hymns.

Ellen points into the crowd "I'll take him, him, and him"

Any love for a dry sense of humor?

This was my grandpas all time favorite joke of all time, and when he would tell it he would laugh uncontrollably for a solid 2 minutes.

Whats brown and sticky?

A stick!

What is pink and wrinkly and hangs out grandpas trousers?


My grandpas favorite joke

Have you heard the one about the dehydrated french man named Pierre?

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