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My grandparents were vaporised in a freak accident

They will be mist... :'(

What did our grandparents do without TV or internet?

I don't know. Ask your mom and her 6 siblings.

How did our grandparents killed time when there were no Smartphones and Internet?

I already asked my mom, her four sisters and five brothers.

Grandparent joke, How did our grandparents killed time when there were no Smartphones and Internet?

Both my grandparents were midgets

They struggled to put food on the table their whole lives

How I plan on never becoming a Grandparent..

I'll be naming my daughter pregnant so when a guy meets her.

Guy: Hi, I'm Paul.

Her: Hi, I'm pregnant.

Case closed.

My grandparents, parents, and even my siblings have chronic diarrhea...

runs in the family

My grandparents fought during World War II.

They ended up getting a divorce.

Grandparent joke, My grandparents fought during World War II.

My grandparents think that I depend too much on technology.

They always talk about how much my generation depends on technology, and my grandfather always mentions it whenever I visit them, so then I replied, no, your generation depends too much on technology.

Then I unplugged his life support.

So many jokes about the Holocaust but how would you feel if your grandparent died in Auschwitz?

My grandad did, he fell off the guard tower.

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well?

Because they have a common enemy

The secret to a good marriage

It was grandparents day at school.

"Steven, please come up here and tell the class your story about your grandparent", the teacher said.

"Goodmorning everyone", Steven begins. " My grandpa is a very wise man. He has the answer to everything. He has been married for almost 50 years now. So I asked him , what was his secret. He looked at me, thought a bit and began. son there only one single thing to a good marriage...."

The whole class seemed to hold their breath. Everything seemed to stand still.

" And when I find out what that is, I will get married again".

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How do you get your grandparents to stop saying your life depends on technology?

Reply, No, u. as you reach for the plug.

My Grandparents were Trekkies, and named my father after their favourite Captain

when I was young, I was frequently hoisted by my own Picard

What do grandparents smell like?


My Grandparents passed away together last night. He went peacefully in his sleep, but she was apparently distraught before dying, screaming and crying hysterically

I guess we really should've taken away his license

I once saw my grandparents have sex

And that's why I don't eat raisins

Grandparent joke, I once saw my grandparents have sex

My Grandparents bought a new China set...

They asked me what I thought of it...
I said it was fine...

My grandparents told me they wanted me to play my bagpipes at their funeral

I told them I was all booked up for next week.

My grandparents have died 36 times

Every time I change jobs all four of them come alive again.

Why do grandparents have so many clocks?

So they won't run out of time

My grandparents just got a chihuahua named Peewee

We call him Peewee hermano

My friend's grandparents are 75 and they still have a lot of oral sex...

... he yells 'Screw you', she hollers back 'Screw you too'

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