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A Sentimental Robber

A robber goes into a house to, well, rob the place. There he finds a man and his wife. He goes to the woman and says, "I will have to kill you. What's your name?" She replies, "E...E...Elizabeth." "I can't kill you, that's my grandmothers name!" said the robber. He looks at the man and asks for his name. The man replies, "Jim, but uhhh most people call me **Elizabeth**."

Grandmothers are like websites

They keep asking you to accept their cookies.

The hardest part about my grandmothers death?

Making it look like an accident.

Grandmothers joke, The hardest part about my grandmothers death?

The only joke I've ever heard from my mother

my mother just returned from Minnesota and relayed in horror that my uncle told this joke to a nurse at my grandmothers deathbed (thus telling me the joke)

Olley's on his deathbed and tells his wife to come closer. "Marry Sven" he gasps. "But honey I thought you hated, Sven?"
"I do."

How many Jewish grandmothers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

That's okay. I'll just sit here in the dark.

I found I out I was concieved at my grandmothers funeral...

Appearently, my Mum was trying comfort him. Stupid mourning wood.

What did the Scandinavian say at his Grandmothers funeral?

She was a Swede old lady but now shes Finnish

Grandmothers joke, What did the Scandinavian say at his Grandmothers funeral?

When I went to my grandmothers funeral everyone stared at me

Hey, it's not my fault if I get mourning wood.

My grandmothers astrological sign was Cancer.

Ironic, how she died. Crushed to death by a giant crab.

They're taking Baby It's Cold Outside off off of the radio for being offensive?

But I can't help to think about all those poor children that lost their grandmothers in tragic reindeer accidents.

My grandmothers dough pressing technique is top secret

It's on a knead to know basis

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If grandmothers say "love you to the moon and back"

Do gay men say "love you to Uranus and back"?

What do you call a group of grandmothers making out with each other?

A bunch of bi Nanas.

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