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Funniest Grand Theft Auto Short Jokes

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  1. What does Grand Theft Auto and Europe in the 1930s have in common? If you have a star, you're being chased
  2. I got bored the other day so I decided to play a game of grand theft auto The local police did NOT appreciate that
  3. Grand Theft Auto 6 just announced. Already criticized for displaying "excessive and gratuitous violence towards pedestrians". Apparently your character is just a normal on-duty cop.
  4. Rockstar has pretty much confirmed it's making a new Red Dead ... ... Grand Theft Auto V dlc with new customizable skins inspired by attire in the famous western-themed game.
  5. I have a Yelp Page My restaurant, Grand Theft Auto, is doing well, but I can't seem to get 5 stars
  6. I don't want my son buying Grand Theft Auto. Having s**... with prostitutes, stealing from innocent people, driving recklessly... I can teach him about these for free.

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Grand Theft Auto One Liners

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  1. Why do orphans play Grand Theft Auto So they can be wanted.
  2. I hear they took Aaron Hernandez out of Madden and put him in Grand Theft Auto V.
  3. Play a real life version of 'Grand Theft Auto' By spending the day in Manchester.
  4. PokemonGo became old, I am more excited for... Grand Theft Auto GO.
  5. What do you call an Argentinian victim of grand theft auto? Carlos
  6. What do you call it when two big polish guy's push a car? Grand theft Auto
  7. What do you call a game about The Purge? Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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I was playing grand theft auto 5 when all of a sudden it crashes and an error message pops up

It read unfortunately the game is corrupted and the data will be deleted feeling sad and annoying with my 100s of hours lost I looked up online as to why it happened. I found a guide that said if you restart the game on the same console and go to the nearest garage and talk to the guy who's working on the car it can fix it. I did just that and it restored my old saves!
Thank god for that game mechanic

What do you call white people pushing a car up a hill?

What do you call asian people pushing a car up a hill?
Asian power.
What do you call mexicans pushing a car up a hill?
Grand theft auto.


A blonde get's in her car and notices her steering wheel, dashboard, and windshield is missing. She calls the police and reports a theft. When the police officer comes, he looks at the blonde who is crying and and says, "Ma''re sitting in the backseat..."

Americans, Asians & Mexicans

What do you call Americans pushing a car up the hill?
A: w**....
What do you call Asians pushing a car up the hill?
A: Asian Power.
What do you call Mexicans pushing a car up the hill?
A: Grand Theft Auto.