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What are some Grains jokes?

I used to have a girlfriend who, whenever she had a bad headache, would go into the cupboard, find my oats I'd normally eat for breakfast and then throw them in the garbage.

Apparently she couldn't cope with my grains.

What do you call an Australian who's prejudiced against grains?

A riceist.

(It sounds better when you say it aloud)

Ever heard about the bread theif that always has a headache?

He's got my grains.

What do vegetarian zombies say?


What does two rice grains in the sink mean?

Some Somalian has been up all night puking.

Why did the man who stole my crops take aspirin?

Because he had my grains

What does a vegan zombie eat?

Thank you.

Two grains of sand going through the desert

Suddenly one tells the other: "Dude, i think we're being followed."

Two grains of sand are in the desert...

... suddenly, one of them turns to the other one and says: "Look! We're surrounded!".

2 grains of sand

2 grains of sand are walking in the desert. One says to another : What is this? A meeting?

Two grains of sand in the desert..

The first one turns around and says to his friend: "Dude, I think we are being followed".

I'll see myself out.

What kind of grains do white supremacists like to eat?


I want to open a bread shop in a gym.

I'll call it "Sick Grains"


Patient: I get migraines from heavy snow.

Doctor: Strange! Most people get their grains from large farms.

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