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A Orthodox Jewish man goes to his Rabbi

Man: "Rabbi, what should I do, my son has run off and is hanging around with Shiksen and g**...."
Rabbi: "So, what do you ask me for? I once had a son, he too ran off to hang around with Shiksen and g**...."
Man: "And what did you do about it?"
Rabbi: "I prayed to Hashem."
Man: "And did he give you an answer or advice?"
Rabbi: "He said: What you ask me for? I once had a son...."

Two jews are walking past an evangelical church...

When they see a sign in the window, "accept Jesus today and we'll give you $10,000"
Goldberg says to his buddy Strausman, "Hey Straussy wait here I'm gonna go rip these g**... out of ten grand!"
"Wait!" Strausman responds, "what if you get s**... in and you lose your faith?!"
"Don't worry, Strausman. Once a Jew always a Jew. I'll say *I am found,* I'll do the dunking thing, I'll accept Jesus, badabing badaboom, and Ill walk out with $10,000!"
So Goldberg goes in and an hour later walks out to a worried Strausman. "So? Did you get the ten grand?"
"You jews, all you think about is money!"

"You're a big g**..."

"For Jew!"

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