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Did you hear about the goth kid with dyslexia?

He sold his soul to Santa.

I made a 3D game about a depressed self-harming goth

It's mostly unskippable cutscenes.

What do goths and the KKK have in common?

They don't have to worry about mixing darks and lights in their washing machines.

Hey man, how much for the goth cucumber?

Sir, that's a cactus.

What do you call a Goth with a foot fetish??

Edgar Allan Toes

What do you call a fat goth?

Buffet the Vampire Slayer

Goth people wear black to reflect the color of their souls...

Except ginger goths. They go naked.

How did the goth kid break up with his girlfriend?

He sang her You Are My Sunshine.

What's a gothic persons blood made of?


Saw an over weight goth today,

I thought to myself, he's morbidly obese.

What do you call a goth kid with cancer?


Theoretically a goat can get impregnated by a moth.

Scientists have never attempted the experiment however, as they don't want to create more goth kids.

What do you call a goth guy who likes women?

A straight edge

How do you get a goth down from a tree?

Cut the rope

What was Poe's Gothic story about a collapsing plumber's residence?

The Fall of the House of Flusher.

A jew, an episcopalian, a veterinarian, a hipster, a redneck, a goth, and a frat boy all walk into a bar that promotes diversity

The bartender says "sorry, we have enough whites."

What do you call a goth emoji?

An Emo-ticon

Β«you understand that the dress code is dark suit, right?Β»

Β«yeah, I goth itΒ»

After his motorcycle accident where he lost his left leg and half his right foot, Dylan sulked slowly around school in all black outfits.

We call him the three-toed Goth.

What's the difference between a lazy overeater and a flirtatious emo?

One is Sloth the Gluttonous the other is Goth the Sluttiness.

Yep made that up on the way home today... Sorry.

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