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If you want to read the Gospel according to Shrek, open your Bible to Psalm–


I have proof Jesus was a black man...

He loved Gospel, he called everyone 'Brother', and he couldn't get a fair trial.

Went to a Black Church to listen to gospel. The preacher came over and said "YOU WILL WALK TODAY!!"

I told him I wasn't paralyzed, but he said it again with even more enthusiasm.

After the service I went to leave. My car was gone.

Gospel joke, Went to a Black Church to listen to gospel. The preacher came over and said "YOU WILL WALK TODAY!!"

A priest started his Sunday sermon by saying...

... "Today's sermon is going to be about 'liars'. How many of you have read the 69th chapter of the gospel according to St Matthew? "

Nearly everyone raised their hands.

"You are exactly the people I want speak to. There is no 69th chapter of the gospel according to St Matthew."

What does a gospel singer say to clear his/her throat?

a hymn

Why does Kim Jong Un stick out at a black gospel church?

Because he doesn't have Seoul.

How does Smash Mouth read the gospel?

He turns it to Psalm : BODY ONCE TOLD ME

Gospel joke, How does Smash Mouth read the gospel?

A priest stands up to do his sermon.

He starts. He says "We all called in different ways."

As soon as he says that, the altar server drops the gospel which he was taking away from the lectern. He then shuffles to pick it up and accidentally rips it with his foot and falls over, hitting the tabanacle and spilling the bread and the wine.

The priest continues with his sermon.

He says to the congregation in a solemn tone:

"Some of us are called useless."

The Four Gospels is the most important section of the Bible...

That's where Jesus left his Mark.

I asked my pastor why all the bibles in his church had reprinted the second gospel in an extra-large font.

God told him the easier Marks, the larger the collection plate...

Gospel Artist

What do you tell an old lady who complains of secular music on the subway as she keeps on asking for Jesu's songs?

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My urologist was once a gospel singer...

...her name is Urethra Franklin

Which gospel contains Jesus' parable about the shades of numbers?

Math hue.

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