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It's a shame the immigrants and their kids at the U.S. border aren't named Church and State

then the GOP would never separate them.

If a Republican candidate who is hated by the GOP establishment and loathed by half the country just won the election...

...maybe Hillary should consider running as a Republican!

Saw a headline that started with "45% of Alabama GOP voters think" ...

... and I stopped reading because that part was surprising enough.

How did the GOP shoot themselves in the foot?

With a Cult 45.

Also works with, How does a democracy die? , etc.

Sorry if someone already thought of this, thought it was clever and didn't see it after a quick glance.

How many members of the GOP does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They use gaslighting

The devil is surprised one day to find a habitual liar, a pervert, an idiot and a man in a wheelchair entering hell.

Still, he keeps his professional demeanor and extends a warm welcome saying, "Greetings, Representative Cawthorn. You're just in time, the daily GOP cocaine orgy is just beginning."

The GOP announced a new slogan today...

We're not just morally bankrupt, *we're Roy Mooreally bankrupt! *

What does the GOP stand for?

The Russian national anthem.

The GOP are already polluting our rivers.

Found a Klansman at the bottom of one not too long ago.

The GOP gets kidnapped

The kidnappers demand the ransom of 500M USD or they will douse them in gas and light them on fire.

So there were people in the streets collecting donations, and they asked me at an intersection

"You must have heard the news recently. Could you spare a little to help us out in this initiative?"

"How much is everyone giving on average?"

"About a gallon, give or take"

You can't spell grope

without GOP.

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The GOP have placed all their chips on Brett Kavanaugh

They don't believe in plan B

How many GOP congressmen does it take to change a light bulb?

Doesn't matter, light wasn't burnt out, they haven't had any bright ideas in decades to turn it on.

looking for a great stand up comedy show?

just watch the GOP debate


I don't know why then GOP is so hard on immigration. It's just the second coming of Jesus.

What's the similarity between the GOP and TV static?

It's all just white noise.

How do you get the GOP to support universal healthcare?

Make it for *White* people only.

What do you call a bunch of rich white people chasing after an orange-furred animal?

The GOP primaries.

Why are GOP healthcare plans like kidney stones?

They both hurt people when they pass

The new GOP tax bill just moved me to the zero tax bracket

I make none

GOP releases current polling numbers for Roy Moore

they're dipping into the teens

Why does the GOP keep trying to pass a healthcare bill?

They don't want to abort the mission.

Price of the GOP ticket?


Scientist: "Data on Global Warming should be ignored seriously when taken out of context"

GOP: Scientists agree with us that "data on global warming should not be ignored"!

How do you get a GOP politician to care about the environment?

You refer to 'Mother Nature' as 'Fetus Nature'.

The GOP has finally formally declared war on Intelligence.

In defiance of the GOP platform, judge Roy Moore expressed his support of China's one-child policy

The GOP should change their stance on the internet utility bill from "obamacare of the internet" to...


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