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Goofy Russian joke

A bear chased two hunters up a tree and is climbing to get them. One hunter says - 'Don't worry, I'll shoot one of his balls off'. He fired but the bear keeps climbing. The hunter says 'Don't worry, I'll shoot his dick off now.' The second hunter screams - 'Shoot him in the head, he's not climbing here to fuck us'.


Why was Edward unable to get out of Russia?

Because he was Snowd en!

(according to my friends this joke has been around for awhile, but I hadn't seen it yet, and wanted to share the goof)


If Goofy was a country singer, what would his name be?

Gawrsh Brooks


Goofy is the only Disney character who has had sex and has a child....

I bet it was doggy style.


What's Goofy in Canada?

A Canyuck nyuck nyuck


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