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Funny Goodwill Jokes and Puns

Wife Missing

My wife has been missing for a week. The police called me and said to prepare for the worst. So I went back to Goodwill and bought all her clothes back.

What does Matt Damon call it when he shops for cheap clothes?

Goodwill Hunting

My girlfriend has been missing for a week

The police told me to prepare for the worst, so now I have to go down to the goodwill to get all of her clothes back.

Goodwill joke, My girlfriend has been missing for a week

Where do feminists buy their birth control?

Goodwill clothes aisle

What does Matt Damon call thrift shopping?

Goodwill Hunting.

What did Matt Damon do when he went looking for a used sports coat?

He went Goodwill Hunting

A lost & found note as a gesture of goodwill.

Whoever lost a Rolex I report "the time now is 20 minutes after seven"

Goodwill joke, A lost & found note as a gesture of goodwill.

Did you hear about the mass shooting at the thrift shop?

The killer was said to be goodwill hunting.

PRIDE Month is the best month for Goodwill

A lot of clothes are leaving the closet

I was going to donate my silverware to Goodwill today, but the wife already gave them to a friend.

I have no more forks left to give.

I went looking for a thrift shop and they closed my local one down...

Guess I have to do some goodwill hunting.

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What's a Rastafarians favourite movie?

Goodwill Bun-ting!

I used to donate sperm all the time!

But im not allowed in that goodwill anymore :(

I went to thrift store in search of a particular movie

I was goodwill hunting Good Will Hunting

Mom to grown up son: "I donated all those old comic books you had in the attic to Goodwill."

"I didn't want to just throw them away."

I pick up chicks at Goodwill. They're cheap and you can return them for a tax write off.

Goodwill joke, I pick up chicks at Goodwill. They're cheap and you can return them for a tax write off.

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