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tell me your best " i was gonna tell a joke about X but Y"

mine is i was going to tell a joke about Wisconsin but it was too cheesy.

I was gonna tell a football joke to Payton Manning.......

But it went over his head

I was gonna dig a deep hole...

... but it turned out well.

Gonn joke, I was gonna dig a deep hole...

"I'm gonna treat you like I treat my homework"

"Oh, you're going to slam me on your desk and do me all night?"

"No, I'm going to stare at you and think there's so many better things I could be doing..."

I'm gonna start a company where I drive people around to haunted places.

It'll be called Ghost Bus Tours

I'm gonna try and shoot the whole school

Said the yearbook photographer

I was gonna take my wife out last night.....

But the gun jammed.

Gonn joke, I was gonna take my wife out last night.....

I was gonna make an Indian Pun

But I got Naan

I was gonna tell a priest joke...

But it would probably rub some kids the wrong way.

I think I'm gonna fail my Women in Islam class

The course covers everything

I was gonna cut my hair, but I kind of like it,

It's growing on me.

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"You are gonna hate yourself in the morning if you stay up late"

Jokes on you I am gonna hate myself in the morning no matter what.

Just gonna say...

Number of times Leonard Cohen died before Trump was elected - 0

Number of times after - 1

Draw your own conclusions...

I was gonna go on a double date the other day...

But in the end I couldn't find three other people to go with me.

I'm not gonna make fun of my grandfather's driving skills anymore.

Apparently parking zones disease is a real thing.

I was gonna tell you all a joke about how I had to replace the wood holding up my fence...

But I was afraid it is only a repost.

Gonn joke, I was gonna tell you all a joke about how I had to replace the wood holding up my fence...

I'm gonna open a Pho restaurant that never closes!

It's called Twenty Pho Seven

"It's gonna be yuuuuuuuge..."


I was gonna write a story about Swiss cheese

But the plot had too many holes in it.

I was gonna make a joke about a bald guy's hair...

But then I remembered there was nothing to joke about.

I was gonna make a United Airlines joke about the doctor...

But it got carried away

I was gonna write a book on phobias

But I was afraid it wasn't going to sell

I'm not gonna tell you why I talk with my mouth full... wouldn't understand.

I was gonna go to rehab until I realized

Rehab is for quitters

I'm gonna go cry in front of a mirror.

I'll see myself pout.

I was gonna tell you all a time travelling joke...

...but you guys didn't like it.

I'm gonna start a company that makes medium sized pickles

Not to brag or anything but it's kind of a big dill.

I'm gonna dress up as Forest Gump tonight and go to the movies and make a a scene.

Then I will have to apologize for ruining their Black Panther party

I was gonna start a Debate Club

But I got talked out of it

I can tell my kid's gonna be a doctor when he grows up.

His handwriting is terrible.

I was gonna smoke weed with this Mexican girl

Until I asked her for some papers and she ran off.

I'm gonna buy some velcro for my shoes instead of laces

Why knot?

I'm gonna be Sayori for halloween!

Look, I've even got the rope and footstool ready!

I'm gonna have to find a new hairdresser...

...because I'm *sick* of this one talking behind my back.

He: I'm gonna eat you when I come home.

She: I have sardines with tomato juice.

He: You didn't understand me.

She: Neither did you.

I was gonna tell a joke about Sodium and Hydrogen but...


"When am I ever gonna use this?" Asked the student to the algebra teacher

"Well you won't, but one of the smart kids might" he replied cheerfully

I was gonna tell Catholic jokes...

...but those have been abused.

I was gonna post a joke about sodium

But Na, people won't understand

Gonna start a petition to change Reddit's name

How does Re-post-ddit sound?

...sounds bad? Gimme some slack, it's hard to create original content on here

I was gonna tell a joke about a dull pencil

But there's no point

I'm gonna 1 up Elon Musk and name my kid


I was gonna tell a time traveling joke

But you guys didn't like it

I'm gonna lose my mind if someone says they cant breathe or talk wearing a face mask

I had a girl in my basement for seven months wearing a ball gag and she's fine

Gonna study hard , get a decent job , give my best at work so that I can buy a house with a

strong ceiling fan I can hang myself on.

I was gonna tell a time travelling joke..

But it seems it has already been reposted a ton of times.

I'm gonna go buy a car shaped like a peanut butter jar

I'll be back in a Jif

I'm gonna open a Jamaican poke fusion resturant

Called Poke Mon

I'm gonna marry my wifi

so it will stop going down on me

I'm gonna dress up as Jeffrey Epstein for Halloween and crash some parties

I just really don't wanna hang by myself

I was gonna tell a COVID joke...

But it was in poor taste.

I'm gonna tell you a joke about corona virus...

You have to wait 2 weeks to see if you get it!

I was gonna make a joke about my ADHD.

Never mind, I'll finish it later.

I was gonna make an antimasker joke.

But my parents taught me to not make fun of the mentally disabled.

I was gonna start a butcher shop

But I hear it's a pretty cut throat business

I'm not gonna tell you what happens in The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe...

It's Narnia business!

I was gonna post a joke about the Suez Canal

But that ship has sailed

I was gonna tell you an edgy joke...

But I don't think it'll make the cut

I was gonna tell a joke about sodium,

but Na

I know I'm gonna get hate for saying this, but there are some races that I just don't like.

For instance, anything with an obstacle in it. Like if I'm running 10k, don't make me climb over a wall halfway through it.

[OC] I'm gonna name my daughter Vaccine...

That way she will have to explain to her nieces and nephews why she is Auntie Vax.

I was gonna tell a 'hetero' joke for the last day of pride month....

But I couldn't keep a straight face.

Who's gonna win the Euro 2020 finale?

Depends on how many lasers the crowd brings

Was gonna make a joke about glass

But you would see through it

Gonna dress up as a vaccine this Halloween

since everyone is afraid of them.

Daddy's gonna eat your fingers.

I was packing for my business trip and my three year old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point she said, "Daddy, look at this", and stuck out two of her fingers.

Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her tiny fingers in my mouth and said, "Daddy's gonna eat your fingers," pretending to eat them.

I went back to packing, looked up again and my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face. I said, "What's wrong, honey?"

She replied, "What happened to my booger?"

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