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A man speaks to his wife...

He tells her that his "Olympic Condoms" have arrived, "Hun, tonight I'm gona wear the gold and fuck you good!" His wife sighs, "Why don't you just wear silver and come second for a change?"


A guy moves into a new neighborhood...

And a redneck knocks on the door. The guy opens and the redneck says "howdy neighbor! welcome to the neighborhood! Tonight I'm gona throw a party in your honor - there's gona be a whole lot of dancin, a whole lot of drinkin and a whole lot of screwin!"
The guy replies "sounds great! What should I bring?" The redneck replies "wellp - you can bring whatever you want, it's just gona be you and me"


The apocalypse is coming!

So all animals gathered and decided, that since they were all gona die, why not have one huge orgy. The orgy began and at some point the female giraffe asked the elephant if he wants to fuck her, to which he quickly agreed and started screwing her. Few moments later the giraffe turned around and said: "It's the end of the world, why the hell are you wearing a condom?".

The elephant frowned - "Condom...?"

"Shit, I forgot the boa was giving me a blowjob!"


What did God say to Eve while she was swimming in a pond?

Damn it! I'm never gona get that smell out of these fish!


Life is like a baby turtle

You don't know if you're gona make it.


You wont believe im gona tell you something

Wait, why should i tell if you won't believe.


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