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Snow White and the Three Dwarfs met Goldilocks and the Seven Bears at a party last week

They exchanged numbers

Goldilocks was killed last night

The murderers did it with their own bear hands

I always wondered how in Goldilocks, the same serving of porridge could be too hot, too cold and just right at the same time.

Then I remembered Hot Pockets

Goldilocks joke, I always wondered how in Goldilocks, the same serving of porridge could be too hot, too cold and jus

My son, 9 years old told me these jokes on different days and I wrote them all down as he told them.

What did the the dancer say when he found proof:

he found evi-dance

What did the lazy person buy at the store?

A Nap-kin

What is a goldfishes favorite story?


What did the musician say when he was safe?

I'm safe and SOUND.

What do butts like to push best?


What dinosaur make the best music?

What does pizza hate to get?


Goldilocks gets lost wandering in the woods and happens upon the three bears' house

She walks in and sees a table with three bowls of porridge and three bottles of liquor. She's hungry so she eats the big bowl of porridge. She's thirsty so she drinks the medium bottle of liquor. She gets tired so she goes to sleep in the little bed. The bears get back home and the big bear exclaims: "Hey someone ate my porridge!" To which the medium bear responds: "Who cares about your porridge - someone drank my liquor!" The little bear turns to the two and says calmly: "Let's all just relax and call it a day."

What did the Three Bears(of Goldilocks) have for dinner?


Why did Goldilocks go to jail?

She commited porridge-ry

Goldilocks joke, Why did Goldilocks go to jail?

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