Goku Jokes

What are some Goku jokes?

Why did Goku cross the road?

Find out next time on Dragonball Z!

Obedient husband

Little boy was curious why did his father do everything his mother asked, so one day he asked his dad: "Dad, why are you so obedient. None of other dads listen to their wife's like you."
Dad said: "Well, you see son, when you were born, your mother and I made a deal. If she would allow me to give you your name I would do anything she asks for the rest of our lives"
"Was it worth it, dad."
"It sure was, Goku."

What do you call it when Goku turns a greenish-blue?

Super Cyan

I tried changing my password to "Goku"

But facebook said it was too weak.

What is a quote by Goku called?

A Super Saiyan

What kitchen appliance does Goku have to become Super Saiyan to use?

The Frieza!

How many 'Dragonball Z' characters does it take to change a lightbulb?

All of them-over a six episode arc.

But Goku is the one to screw it in after mastering transformation into a Super Sayin Electrician.

How long did it take Goku to change a lightbulb?

20 Episodes and Krillin dies.

Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin walk into a bar...

[Found out the punchline of this joke on the next Dragon Ball Z!]

Where does Goku keep his ice cream?

In the Frieza.

What did Goku say when he heard his wife listening to the song, "Fancy"?

Aye, Chi-Chi, Why?

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