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Enjoy some funny jokes about goddesses from Greek mythology, including Bia, Phallusy, and Persephone. Learn about the many roles of female divinities, from domestic goddesses to warriors, and explore the common themes among their stories.

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  1. I think the girl I just met may be a goddess... because even though she's never talked to me, later tonight billions will be massacred by my hand in her name.
  2. Why is venus named after the Roman goddess of beauty? Because it's the hottest planet in our solar system
  3. What do you get when you cross... ...a black woman with the Greek goddess of love?
  4. Why did Zeus shut off the gas when a goddess was out for a jog? Because Demeter was running
  5. If Demeter is the goddess of crops... Does that make Diameter the goddess of crop circles?
  6. A new doctor came out of the operating room... ... Knelt down, raised his arms, looked heaven wards and said loudly:
    "O Mother Goddess! please accept my first sacrificial offering"
  7. What does the goddess IO help you to do? To connect flash drives correctly on the first try.
  8. What are the two ways to make love to a woman? 1. Goddess worship
    2. You're doing it wrong
  9. Don't let your dreams be dreams! -Plato, in discussion on Νίκη, the Greek goddess of victory
  10. So when Aphrodite sprawls out bare-a**... n**... in a giant clam shell, she's a "goddess." But when I do it, supposedly I'm "a drunk" and "no longer welcome at the aquarium."

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  1. My girlfriend looks like a Roman Goddess.. pale, No arms.
  2. My boyfriend is an atheist and treats me like a goddess He acts like I don't exist.
  3. Which Goddess is 3.37 feet tall? Demeter
  4. What do you call a greek goddess with no aim? Artemiss
  5. My girlfriend is like a goddess... My friends and family don't believe she exists.
  6. Are you Greek (If No) are you sure cause you look like a goddess to me?
  7. If god was a palindrome Then your a goddess
  8. Yo mama so fat.. If she were a Greek goddess she be celulitie
  9. What do you call a burning goddess? Nike
  10. Today I attended a satinic ritual The goddess of silk was thoroughly pleased
  11. Which Greek god was annoyed by his invitation to the Goddess Dyslexia's party? Ares.
  12. She has the body of a goddess and the face to defend it.
  13. a goddess makes a six second video da vine
  14. What do you call a s**... Indian goddess? Mamasita

Goddess joke, What do you call a s**... Indian goddess?

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Johnny walks in the room and looks at his wife and says

"baby. if you were in India they would worship you"
His wife responds while blushing "does that mean I'm a goddess"
He smiles and says "no you're a cow"

Sure, Aphrodite poses n**... in a giant clam shell, she's a goddess.

But when I do it, I'm ''drunk' and 'no longer welcome at the aquarium'.

A joke by Mirza Ghalib (renowned Urdu / Persian poet) translated into English

Not sure if the humor is lost in translation but I found it hilarious. Anyway here goes:
I got drunk under the influence of love and told her that she's my Goddess;
I immediately sobered up when she told me that Goddesses are worshipped by many.

When Aphrodite poses n**... on a seashell she's "beautiful" and "a goddess"

But when I do it apparently I'm "drunk" and "barred from the Sea Life Centre".

Scandanavian b**...

What did the Norse goddess say to Thor when he drunk dialed her?
"I aint no Valhalla back girl."

Goddess joke, Yo mama so fat..