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*Phone rings at work*

Boss: Why don't you answer it?

Me: I'll let it ring for a while. That way they'll think I have other stuff to do than talk on the phone.


Me: 911, what's the emergency?

"Dad, i'm a lesbian."

Confesses the daughter.

Her younger sister shouts from the kitchen "Me too dad."

"Goddammit" Exclaims the father. "Will one of you bring a man to this house!?"

"I will, Dad." Says the son from his room.

As long as I live I'll never forget my father's last words to me...


Goddammit joke, As long as I live I'll never forget my father's last words to me...

A priest and a farmer are playing a round of golf.

On the first hole, the priest clasps his hands, says a prayer and shoots a hole-in-one.

When it's the farmers turn, he shoots and the ball ends up in the woods.

The farmer is furious and screams: "Goddammit I missed".

The priest tells him "If you curse one more time, god will punish you".

On the second hole, the priest clasps his hands, says a prayer and shoots another hole-in-one.

When it's the farmers turn, he shoots and this ball also ends up in the woods.

He screams "Goddammit I missed"

A loud rumble is heard and lightning strikes the *priest*.

Shortly after, a voice is heard from above the clouds saying "Goddammit I missed"

This is My "classic" joke

A Catholic Priest, a Rabbi, and an Atheist walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Oh Goddammit, no! We don't like jokes in here and if you guys are a part of one, you're gonna have to leave right now!" So the catholic priest, rabbi, and atheist leave the bar and a chicken walks in. The bartender says, "OH COME ON! We don't serve CHICKENS in here!" The chicken says, "Do you know somewhere that does?" The bartender says, "Yeah.." The chicken asks, "Well, where is it?" The bartender says, "It's across the road."


Two techies are in a restaurant discussing how to get out of an overpriced hosting contract. As the waitress approaches the table, one emphatically says to the other, "Yes, goddammit, I want the server to go down on us!"

For English learners...

- Hey, how do I look?

- With your eyes, goddammit!

Goddammit joke, For English learners...

A beaver was praying to God, and said...

Oh goddammit

Apparently the iPhone 7 has console-like graphics.

Goddammit, when are they going to start to put good hardware in these phone.

A man with wide open arms

One evening a woman was coming back home when she saw a man at the end of the street moving towards her with wide open arms and a vacant stare , she panicked ,picked up a rock and threw at him while running away .The man stood up shaking his head and exclaimed "goddammit ,it's the 4th window this hour, my boss is going to kill me"



Goddammit, my control key is broken.

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If I had a dollar for every time someone called me stupid,

I would have... one, two... three... fi- Goddammit!


"Hey, Gerry, give me a joke."

"I used your toothbrush to clean the toilet."

"And the punchline is?"

"Jokes are half-meant."

"Goddammit, Gerry!"

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