Gneiss Jokes

What are some Gneiss jokes?

My dad is a geologist and has been dating rocks for years...

His best advice is to just be gneiss and try not to be a little schist.

I once met a rock

it was nice. Although he kept telling me he was Gneiss

Did you know that Santa Claus is both an arborist and a geologist?

He's gonna find out what's knotty or gneiss.

I just got out of my Geology class.

We studied metamorphic rocks which was Gneiss.

A high schooler told his geology teacher that..

"geology rocks!"

The teacher's response?

"that's Gneiss, but it's too bad you're so schist at it"


Welcome to the Geology Department

Have a gneiss day!

If the Rock had a brother and that brother had a daughter, what would that make her?

His gneiss.

What did the geologist say about his rock collection?

Isn't it gneiss?

What do you call a kind rock


If a geologist is in deep schist, it probably isn't very gneiss

A rock walks into a bar

The bartender tells him "we don't serve your kind here"

So the rock says: "Why not? I'm a gneiss guy!"

Bless the little miscreants, they are throwing gravel . . .

Such a gneiss gesture.

Geology humor ?

When some gravel hit my car and cracked a window, I said "You little schist! Why can't you be gneiss?"

Why should you always be careful around a Geologist?

If you're too Gneiss, they'll just take you for Granite.

My geologist boyfriend is so ungrateful.

I showed him my schist collection and he only absently said, "That's gneiss, honey..."

I went on a caving trip with my friend. I shouted to him that I found some Basalt.

He shouted back "That's Gneiss!"

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