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If Facebook buys Gmail, instead of 'mark as read' the feature will be called,

'Mark has read'.

If Facebook buys Gmail....

If Facebook buys Gmail then the 'mark as seen' option would be changed to 'Mark has seen'.

I asked the CIA for my lost GMail password...

They sent it to me via my smart TV

Gmail joke, I asked the CIA for my lost GMail password...

How do gangsters receive communications?


In light of Google becoming Alphabet, Gmail will be replaced with "Alpha Mail."

To the person who hacked my gmail account

What's my password?

I think I forgot my gmail password.

Yo CIA could you DM it to me?

Gmail joke, I think I forgot my gmail password.

Signed up for Gmail and set my password as 'Mypenis'

Google said it was too short. :(

Yo momma so poor

She opened up a gmail account so she could eat the spam.

What email provider do gangsters use?


What is the prefared email provider of a rapper?


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GDrive to store, GMail to letter, GTalk to communicate,

GSpot to, well you know :-)

How do gangsters check their e-mails?

With Gmail.

What kind of mail does a real G use?


Stay away from G-mail if you don't want to get shivers down your spine

There's clearly a draft in there.

You guys got gmail?

It's the best anagram

Gmail joke, You guys got gmail?

Why did the old lady not want a Gmail account?

Because she wanted an email.

500 million Gmail users woke up with the horrible news!

That their Yahoo email have been hacked!

Gmail replaced the words on its buttons with symbols

Which is great for all the illiterate people who use gmail

Which E-mail does 50 cent use?


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