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A band of Superheroes walk into a Gluten-free, Soy-Free, non-GMO, organic, fat-free restraunt....

Just Ice was served.


If the body of Christ cannot be gluten-free...

Then I guess He is risen


Why are gluten-free children so healthy?

Because they're not inbred.


What do you call an ox that's gone gluten-free?

Silly yak.


The Catholic church is considering going all-in on gluten-free wafers

At risk is cross-contamination.


Man with a beard 100 years ago

: OK, I'll go chop down some trees.
Man with a beard now: I found a great face mask that's gluten-free.


Why did the man with celiac disease eat a loaf of bread?...

He was a gluten for punishment

Sorry if this offends anyone with gluten issues. Our son can't have gluten right now, so this joke came to me while I was toasting him some gluten-free bread.


Finally !! 6 weeks without any sugar. Running 5 miles each day. stopped eating dairy and flour. The change in my body has already been fantastic! I feel great! Eating a healthy diet that is completely gluten-free and sugar-free. And working out for up to 2 hours every day! Lost 10Kgs.

I don't know whose status this is, but I was really proud of them so I decided to copy and paste it.


Did you hear about the New Age Catholic Church? They've got an organic gluten-free Communion wafer ...

It's called I Can't Believe it's not Jesus!


Did you guys hear Kanye is going gluten-free?

He said no one man should have all that flour.


I don't know why my employees are so upset; I try to be sensitive with my criticism.

I like to give out gluten-free compliment sandwiches.


Animal Crackers...

... despised by gluten-free people and vegans


I can't believe how popular these gluten-free items are getting!!!

They're selling like hot cakes!


How do you pick up a gluten-free, crossfit, vegan?

No idea it's been two hours and I haven't gotten a word in edgewise yet.


What did Morgan Freeman call his gluten-free restaurant in German?

Gluten Morgan


Is this bread gluten-free?

Or do I have to pay for it?


Where do salad loving cowboys with celiac disease work?

The Gluten-Free Ranch


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