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A black man walks into a gun store in Texas.

"I would like to see that glock on the display wall"
"I am sorry sir we are out of stock for those" replied the salesman.
"Ok, show me the one beside it, the rifle"
"We are out of those, as well"

Suspecting the salesman is a racist he goes to a lawyer.
When the lawyer, who is white, walks into the store and asks, "what have you got against blacks..." when he is interrupted.
"Well we have handguns, rifles, shotguns..."

A Colt 1911 and a Glock walks into a bar...

The 1911 says to the Glock: "Hey, ugly foreigner, want to do a drinking contest?"

The Glock says "You old idiot, you can only last 8 rounds!"

From a friend of mine who's a gun enthusiast.

Four blondes play Russian Roulette...

...with a glock.

Glock joke, Four blondes play Russian Roulette...

Inauguration Limerick by Stephen Colbert

There once was a man named Barack
Whose re-election came as a shock
He raised taxes I pay
And turned marriage gay
And now he's coming after your Glock

Did you hear about the Buddhist monk who swallowed a Glock 18?

He calls it his inner piece

What disease do police give black people?

Glock coma

Your daddy is so stupid..

that he played Russian roulette with a Glock Pistol

Glock joke, Your daddy is so stupid..

Asked my wife what she wanted for Christmas.

She said, I'd like a pistol. Maybe a Glock?
She gave me a t-shirt with a target on it.

Chuck Norris has a gun for breakfast... ate a glock every morning.

What do Germans call a confession you give with a gun to your head?

A Glock and spiel

My dad smeared glue all over his Uzi, and he say's his Glock is next. He can't be talked out of it.

He's sticking to his guns.

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My music teacher gave a lecture about gun control the other day

It was a glock and spiel

They had to put my handgun under at the hospital

He's in a glock coma

Did you hear about the teacher who used a gun to silence her student?

She put a Glock in it!

Just heard a gun talk that was like music to my ears.

I am a sucker for the "Glock N' Spiel".

My dad is called Glock 19

Guess that makes me a son of a gun

Glock joke, My dad is called Glock 19


Germanic efficiency brought to the game of Russian roulette.

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