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The Best Glazing Puns

Did you hear about the baker who robbed a bank?

He came in with buns glazing.

My grandfather was a baker in the army...

...he went in all buns glazing.

I was a baker when I was in the army.

When I went to war, I went in all buns glazing.

2 Original depressed baker jokes

Did you hear about the depressed baker who threw himself into his own oven?
Colleagues said it was a final act of self-loafing.

Did you hear about the depressed baker who went on a killing spree?
Witnesses said he came out all buns glazing.

Did you hear about the baker who robbed a bank?

He just burst in there, buns glazing!

How do you encourage a potter while he's glazing his bowl?

"Way to go dude, you're kiln it!"

Did you hear the one about the baker who dominated the pastry competition through determination and superior sugar content?

He went in all buns glazing.

My great grandad was a baker in the army during WW1

Apparently he went in all buns glazing

In Scotland, they are so mean with money that every home has double glazing installed.

So their kids can't hear the ice cream van

What happens when doughnuts join a sorority?

They have to go through the glazing.

I'm sorry I'm a baker it just came to me... Pun-ishment is in order.

What's the difference between a commando and a pastry chef?

One goes in guns blazing, the other goes in buns glazing!

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