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What did Sparticus do to the cannibal who ate his nagging wife?

Nothing, he's gladiator.

What did Spartacus say to the cannibal who killed his wife.

Nothing, he's Gladiator.

Gladiator's Monday

A gladiator was having a rough Monday at the arena.
His opponent had sliced off both of his arms.
Nevertheless, he fought on, kicking and biting as furiously as he could. But when his opponent lopped off both of his feet, the gladiator had no choice but to give up.
He was now both unarmed and defeated.

Gladiator joke, Gladiator's Monday

Did you hear about the cannibal in the colosseum?

He was gladiator.

What do you call a guy going down on a girl with a smile on his face?

A Gladiator

Did you hear about the Roman who had his wife for dinner?

He was gladiator...

Movies are too violent

A lot of Critics have been saying that movies now days are way too violent.
To test this theory I took a nine year old boy to go see Gladiator, and he cried the whole movie.

Now it may be because he didn't know who I was.

Gladiator joke, Movies are too violent

What did Russell Crowe say when he found out that his ex-wife was eaten by a cannibal?

I'm gladiator.

What do you call a Roman warrior with hair in his mouth?


Get it? Glad He Ate Her..

What do you call a Roman with pubic hair in his teeth?


Gladiator is too violent for kids

A lot of people have told me that gladiator is too violent for kids. I took a 9 year old boy to watch it anyways, and he cried the whole movie.

Now it may be because he didn't know who I was.

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A Roman man ate his wife

He was gladiator...

Hey, have you heard about....

A gladiator whose arms and legs been cut off in a fight? Well, I heard that he's been disarmed and defeated.

There was once a Roman who ate his girlfriend. He was gladiator.

Did Russell Crow feel bad after he ate his wife?

Nah! He was Gladiator!

What happened to the two gladiator olives?

They were pitted against each other

Gladiator joke, What happened to the two gladiator olives?

Russell Crowe had an affair with Meg Ryan

He's gladiator.

What do you call a Roman guy with pubes in his mouth?


What did the cannibal say after he ate a woman in the Coliseum?

He's gladiator.

What did the gladiator say when he was surrounded by nearly 100 men?


Have you heard about the Roman cannibalism trial?

They asked the defendant if he was sorry for his crimes. He said no, he was gladiator.

What's the difference between Spartacus and Hannibal Lector

One of them's a gladiator, and the other is glad he ate her!

He was such a brutal fighter that, after slaying the tigress in the arena, he proceeded to devour her flesh. And he felt no remorse.

He was Gladiator.

Did you hear about the roman fighter who ate his mother in law?

Terrible indigestion but he was gladiator.

What did Russell Crowe say when he went down on his girlfriend?

I don't know, but he was Gladiator

Kanye West, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber and Martin Skreli are put in a coliseum, given gladiator weapons and made to fight to the death. Who wins?


Do you know about the happy gladiator

He was glad he ate her

How did Russell Crowe feel after cannibalizing a woman?

He was gladiator.

When the gladiators fought lions

it was always the mane event

I think my friend is losing his mind since his wife died.

She was eaten by a bear when she was hiking.

Ever since then he's been smiling and saying "I'm not sad, I'm GLADIATOR!"

Russell Crowe showed no remorse after cannibalising his wife.

In fact, he seemed like he was Gladiator.

Why was the Roman cannibal so happy?

He was gladiator.

Why did the limbless gladiator surrender?

He was unarmed and defeated.

Why did the Roman have a smile on his face after eating out his wife?

He was gladiator.

What do you call a happy aviator?

A gladiator

What's a cannibal's favourite movie?


What did Russell Crowe do when a cannibal ate his wife?

Nothing... He was Gladiator.

Why was the roman smiling after going down on his wife?

He was gladiator.

What do you call a massacre at a gays-only gladiator arena?

A bowl of fruit salad.

People are getting angry about an actor practicing cannibalism on a female actress during the production of an action movie set in ancient Rome.

Personally, I'm gladiator.

TIL Older forms of English kept Latin's gender-specific suffixes -tor and -trix; tor is for men and trix is for women. So a male pilot is an aviator, a female pilot is an aviatrix. A male fighter is a gladiator, a female fighter is a gladiatrix.

This contrasts with the modern system, where tor is for both men and women, and trix are for kids.

Friend: A cannibal took my wife to see a Russell Crowe movie.

Me: Gladiator?

Friend: No, I really miss her.

Did you hear about Russel Crow's recent problem with cannibalism? At first he expressed shame about consuming a mother of two.

But upon further consideration he was gladiator.

What did the Roman say when his wife was eaten by a tiger?


What did the Roman say when a tiger ate his wife?


How did the cannibal feel after defeating his girlfriend in the Colosseum?

Well, he was gladiator.


What did Spartacus say when a Lion ate his wife?

Nothing. He was gladiator.

What is Hannibal Lecter's favorite movie?


A barbarian slave in Rome somehow won the attention of Caesar's daughter

They became lovers. To avoid pregnancy, they agreed to oral sex only. After just a few encounters, they were caught in the act. At first the barbarian, imprisoned and sentenced to fight to entertain the crowd, regretted his poor judgment.

Eventually, though, he was gladiator.

I read about how in ancient Rome gladiators had a layer of fat to protect them in combat.

I'm gonna start telling people I have the body of a gladiator.

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