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A man and a and his wife are having breakfast

As the wife is reading the newspaper, she comes across a strange article.
It says here that they've found a 12,000 year old skeleton frozen in a glacier, and evidently it's a woman. Now how do you think they knew it was a woman?

The husband replies with:
Well it's simple.

How is it so simple?

It's mouth was still open.

What do you call a duck inside a glacier?

A quack in the ice.

What do you call someone who steals a glacier?

An iceberglar

A couple mountainsclimbers where walking on a glacier.

One says too the other:"look my tour guide fell in that ravine last time I was up here". The other mountainclimber looks perplexed. "Why do you mention that so casually"? The first mountainclimber shrugs and says:"well it was already missing a couple pages".

What will you call a big broken glacier piece, floating towards United Kingdom?


Global warming is real. Last year in antarctica, a 17 mile long piece of ice broke off a glacier and dropped into the ocean.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Did you hear about that glacier off the coast of Italy?

It was a Romaine Iceberg

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