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A hillbilly missed the first day of his deductive reasoning class... he goes to the professor to get the gist of what he missed.

Professor: "Let me give you an example. Do you have a lawn mower?"

Hillbilly: "Yea I do."

P: "From that fact, I can guess that you have a lawn in which to use your lawn mower.".

H: "Well I'll be..."

P: "I can also guess that you have a house to go with that lawn?"

H: "Yes I do!"

P: "And it may be true that you're also married with children?"

H: "Damn you're good..."

P: "And lastly, from you being married, I can deduce that you are a heterosexual ."

H: "Wow. I've never been so excited to come back to a class. Thank you professor! I'll see you tomorrow!"

Later that night, the hillbilly is drinking with his buddy, and the buddy asks, "So whaddaya learnin in that fancy college class?".

H: "Do you own a lawn mower?"

Buddy: "Nope, I borrow yours."

H: "Faggot."


"Let me put it this way.."

~gist of Kamasutra


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Looking for a joke that involves a guy walking through an airport lounge and spots the Dalai Lama, a high level rabbi, an Iman, and some other religious leader.

I haven't the slightest recollection of even the gist of the joke. Was wondering if anybody's heard it? I did look online but got nothing.

Thanks for your time and courtesy.


I'm producing a condensed, Cliffnotes-style, version of the 1994 Best Picture winner from the Academy Awards

I'm calling it Schindler's Gist.


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