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  1. Why aren't there any fat girls on the boxes of girl scout cookies? Because good drug dealers don't use their own product.
  2. [Original] This is the only time of year... .... that it's acceptable for middle-aged men to cruise around town looking for Girl Scouts.
  3. I'm thinking of starting a business will use free child labor in exchange for temporary housing. Although I don't know if I can compete with the Girl Scouts...
  4. What's green, lies in a ditch, and is covered in cookie crumbs? A girl scout that got hit by a car.
  5. I heard they're letting girls join the boy scouts now. They're going to help the boys pitch a tent.
  6. A teen walks into a girl scout meeting. They're learning how to tie different types of knots.
    The girl says "Can I join you?"
    They reply "Can you knot?"
  7. The problem with girl scout cookies: The problem with girl scout cookies: no matter how many I eat, I always want Samoa.
  8. What are the first words Jared Fogle's girlfriend said to him? "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies, sir?"
  9. Chuck Norris jokes, let's go! Chuck Norris eats girl scout cookies made out of real girl scouts.
  10. My roommate gets really mad at me when I lick the Brownies... He says the Girl Scouts are WAY less likely to tell their parents

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Girl Scout One Liners

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  1. This Girl Scout Cookie diet is really paying off... I've got that "samoan" figure
  2. What are a Cannibal's favourite cookies? Girl Scouts!
  3. What's Aquaman's favorite Girl Scout cookie? Jason samoas
  4. Which animal was the best at girls scout club A Badge-r
  5. LGBT Girl Scout Leader Arrested She was thrown in jail for eating Brownies.
  6. Chuck Norris makes his own Girl Scout cookies using real Girl Scouts.
  7. What do you call an old dirty pervert who spies on playgrounds from afar? A girl scout.
  8. I almost got arrested today. i just wanted some Girl Scout cookies.
  9. How do you make Girl Scout cookies out of brownies? Cremation.
  10. Why didn't Gordon Ramsay like the Girl Scout cream pies? He found a hair in one.
  11. Girl Scouts sell more than just Cookies. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's just nuts.
  12. What do arboreal rodents get when they eat too many Girl Scout cookies? squirrel gout
  13. What do you call a girl scout o**...? In tents.

Girl Scout Cookies Jokes

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  • Why are Samoan's offended by the Samoa Girl Scout Cookie? I mean it's not like white people care about crackers being called crackers.
  • I wanted to tell the Girl Scout, "Your cookies contribute to US obesity." But what came out was, "Two Samoas, please."
  • All the people who had candy stolen from them as babies are now the adults buying girl scout cookies outside dispensaries.
  • How did the Girl Scout Samoa cookies get their name? Because after you eat one, you want samoa!
  • I ate some Girl Scout Cookies that were way past their expiration date... ...and ended up with a n**... bout of samoanella.

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Girl guides

I was accompanying my eight-year-old daughter who was
selling cookies door-to-door for the Girl Scouts. After visiting
several homes, she commented on the different styles of
doorbells: some buzzed, some rang, some warbled.
We made a game of guessing what the next bell would sound like.
At the precise moment she touched the doorbell at one house,
the church tower began to chime. She wheeled around with a look
of amazement on her face. "Now THAT'S a a door bell"

I passed a group of Girl Scouts this morning, with a stall that read..

.."Home-Made Lemonade: £15.00, o**... s**...: £5.00"
"Here's twenty pounds, girls, but I think you've got your prices mixed up," I chuckled.
"Once you've finished going down on me, you'll be gagging for that lemonade," said the sweaty fat one.

How helping my daughters sell Girl Scout cookies almost got me in trouble.....

I have 2 daughters that were in Girl Scouts. I was helping them sell cookies by asking co-workers if they would like to buy a box or 2.
One uptight co-worker found out that they go for $5.00 started balking about the price. Stating he cannot see spending $5.00 for a few minutes of pleasure.
My response was well do you still use condoms as birth control?

What's the difference between jews and girl scouts?

The girl scouts come back from the camp.

What did the pack leader say to the white girl trying to get into Boy Scouts?

Can you knot?

A girl scout hung herself last week

but at least she got that knot tying badge she always wanted.

A young man went to church one day...

A young man went to church one day, and during the service he saw a lovely young woman. Being a healthy, red-blooded young man, he decided to go up to her after the service and introduce himself. When he asked her for her name, she replied "Jezebel," with a wry little smile.
"Jezebel?" said the young man, with a fair bit of shock. "Why would a good Christian family name their daughter Jezebel?"
"Well," she replied, "after my sister Chastity slept with half the football team, and my sister Charity was kicked out of the Girl Scouts for stealing cookie money, my parents decided to try a different approach."

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