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If Gingrich were to win the presidency...

...can we call his current wife the "third lady?"

A Gingerbread Man Veteran

…lost his legs in 'Nom

Why aren't gingers allowed in shoe stores?

.... Because they steal all the souls.

Ging joke, Why aren't gingers allowed in shoe stores?

Why was Ginger the only real Spice Girl?

Because Cumin, Parsley, Basil and Garlic were rejected...

Why do gingers love driving Kias?

It's the only way they can own a soul.

Why do gingers hang out with black people?

Because gingers have no soul, and black people have too much!

Why do gingers always complain about uncomfortable shoes?

Because they have no inner-soles

Ging joke, Why do gingers always complain about uncomfortable shoes?

Went to a ginger convention today

There wasn't a soul there.

A ginger wanted to join the Jazz band...

But he didn't have enough soul.

Why did Ginger go to the psych ward?

Ginger snaps

Why did the gingerbread man decide to wear pants?

He thought he had crumby legs. #DadJokes

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Why did the gingers shoe break

Because it had no sole.

Why do gingers get sunburned so easily?

It's nature's way of telling us to lock them indoors

Why don't Gingers go to the dentist?

They are already aware of their corrosive gingivitis.

Why aren't Gingers allowed in Jazz bands?

Not enough soul.

Why cant Gingers make shoes?

They wouldn't have a sole.

Ging joke, Why cant Gingers make shoes?

Why was the ginger declined when he tried to sell his soul to the devil?

Insufficient funds.

Why Did The Ginger Buy a Kia?

So he could have a soul.

As a ginger person, I find tanning to be easy

I just go sit underneath the full moon.

A gingerbread man visits his doctor...

The gingerbread man complains that he has had a sore knee for over a week, so the doctor takes a look at it and says "have you tried icing it?"

What did the gingerbread man say during sex?

I'm gonna crumb!

What does a gingerbread man sleep with at night?

A cookie sheet

Why couldn't the ginger bread man walk?

Because he had crummy legs.

What did the gingerbread man say when his house burned down?

Dang that cost me a lot of dough.

Why wasn't one of the gingerbread men decorated?

He simply wasn't cut out for the job

How does a ginger get a soul?

He goes down to the Kia dealership and buys the new 2017 model

Why can't Gingers play jazz?

Because they have no soul.

Ginger librarians are:

Well read.

What do gingers and North Koreans have in common?

They've go no Seoul.

Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctors?

Because he felt crumby.

Why can't gingers see the sun?

Because they don't have a Sol


Bringing you project housing that doesn't make you sad!

Me, asking a ginger: Do you read? The ginger responds, Why, yes I do! Me:

Have you read Pubes?

What do gingers and extinct dinosaurs have in common?

Not enough.

What does the gingerbread man have for nipples?


Why did the ginger person go into the shoe shop?

For a sole

How did the gingerbread man treat his injured leg?

By icing it.

Why do gingers buy so many shoes?

It's the only legal way to acquire soles.

How likely is it that a ginger lived in the Andes Mountains in the 15th century?


What does a gingerbread man put on his bed?

Cookie sheets.

So a ginger friend of mine got their hair dyed, I guess you could say they are now...

A transginger

Why can't a ginger mary someone

Because he's got no soul mate

Ginger kid

Ginger kid: mom, I love you!

Mother: eee... let's just stay friends.

They had a Ginger Lives Matter protest today

There was not a soul.

How do ginger people make friends?

I'm being serious, it's getting kinda lonely here.

The Gingerbread Man goes to the Doctors...

Gingerbread Man: I broke my leg!

Doctor: Have u tried icing it?

What does the gingerbread man sleep on?

Cookie sheets.

Why are there gingerbread men but not gingerbread women?

It's the pastryarchy.

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