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I popped my head over my sexy neighbour's fence today to see her lying in her bikini.

"Wow, you're gorgeous!" I burst out, "I hope you know how to do CPR."

"Why?" she asked with a giggle, "Because I've taken your breath away?"

"No," I replied. "I've just run your son over out front."

Three hookers were sitting on a bar.

They chat for a while about work, when one of them ssays. "I can fit a glass up in my (you know)" the other one replies. "thats nothing, i can fit a bottle up in my (you know)" thats when the third starts to giggle. "whats so funny?" the other two ask. "ohh nothing" she says as she slowly glide down on the barstool.

Why did the gynecologist giggle during the pap smear?

I don't know. It was an inside joke.

Giggle joke, Why did the gynecologist giggle during the pap smear?

Two nuns riding through the garden of the convent...

They giggle, laugh and scream as they ride their bikes over the cobble stone paths. All of a sudden, the window of Mother Superior swings open. She shouts:" Girls! Keep it down, or I'm having the saddles re-installed!"

Crazy Jokes

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Why isn't there democracy in North Korea?

Because everytime they try to pronounce "election" everyone starts to giggle

A horse walks into a bar.

The bartender asks the horse if it's an alcoholic considering all the bars he frequents, to which the horse replies ~~I don't think I am"~~ "I think not!" POOF! The horse disappears.

Giggle joke, A horse walks into a bar.

A group of nuns are biking one day...

and every bump they hit they all giggle. Finally the head nun turns around and yells, "Ladies, if you don't stop that laughing we're going to have to put the seats back on!"

Try To Imagine Seeing These 19 Hilarious, Depraved Bathrooms In The Flesh! Giggle Or Shudder?! |

NASA sends out a probe to Uranus

Geeks around the world giggle.

Names for groups of animals

We all know some of the common names: pride of lions, murder of crows, etc. But some aren't so well known:

construction site of cranes
chomp of alligators
giggle of girls
cancer of lawyers

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Why did the dinosaur go to the doctor?

Because he was a little sore and not a Dinosaur.

From my three year old niece. It was a good giggle.

NASA sends probe to Uranus

people everywhere giggle

Hey. (Giggle!) Hey, guys... why did the toilet cross the road?

**(*FART NOISE!*)**

A nurse kept Jim's finger in her mouth after his blood test because they didn't have plasters. Jim began to giggle.

Nurse: what's so funny?

Jim: I have my urine test next.

Cole's Law

"Have you heard of Murphy's law?"


"What is it?"

"If something can go wrong, it will go wrong."

"Right. Have you heard of Cole's Law?"

"No, what is it?"

"Thinly sliced cabbage."

(I remember hearing this from my dad, and to this day it makes me giggle like an idiot.)

Giggle joke, Cole's Law

How do you make a squid giggle 10 giggles?

You give him 10 tickles (tentacles)

Does anyone know any funny names for weed?

Something like Lucifer's Light Up, Beelzebubs Broccoli, Satans Cigarette, Devils Lettuce, Wacky Tabacky, Giggle Bush. You know like that.

Another joke I just thought of :)

What award do drug dealers win?


(I made myself giggle at this one)

I just got banned from the National Zoo for making a parrot giggle...

... its polly tickle correctness gone mad!

People always pointed at me and said "You're Next!" whenever there was a wedding

So I started doing the same to them whenever I met them during funerals

-An old joke, hopefully made you giggle if you hadn't heard it

What happened at the cannibal's wedding party?

They toasted the bride and groom...

My 7yo told me I had to post this. Enjoy the giggle!

If someone gave you $200 because you're ugly , would you take the money?

Me: Absolutely! I'm ugly, not stupid.

Not a proper joke but it was the smart answer that made me giggle.

To celebrate my cake day, here's a joke that gave me a giggle

An old lady walks into a dental surgery, sits down in the chair, lifts her knees up and spreads her legs.

Dentist: 'Miss, I believe you're in the wrong room'.

Woman: 'You put my husbands new teeth in last week. I'm here to have them removed'.

100 Nuns

100 nuns are meeting with the priest.

Sisters I must confess, I have had sexual sexual relations with a woman.

99 nuns gasp one nun in the back giggles.

It is Okay, I used a condom.

99 nuns gasp one in back giggles.

The condom had a hole in it.

99 nuns giggle, one in the back gasps.

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