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Funny Gigantic Jokes and Puns

If you don't know how to pronounce the "g" in "gif"...

it's pronounced just like the "g" in "gigantic"

So you've all heard about the neutron that walks into a bar, but what about...

A neutrino walks into a Mexican Restaurant. He orders a taco with extra chili sauce. The bartender comes up to his table with a taco and a gigantic bottle of super-hot chili sauce. He opens the taco, starts pouring sauce and asks:

"So how much salsa do you want, amigo?"

The neutrino answers:


Why did the Avengers have the best float at the parade?

They had a gigantic Banner!

Gigantic joke, Why did the Avengers have the best float at the parade?

Dont know how to say the word GIF?

Just prounounce the G how its pronounced in gigantic

What do you call a gigantic pile of kittens?

A meown-tain

Did you hear about the baby with the gigantic, record-setting head?

The mother called it a crowning achievement.

What do you get when you cross BBQ'ed pork with a gigantic sea monster?

Release the Kracklen!

Gigantic joke, What do you get when you cross BBQ'ed pork with a gigantic sea monster?

You should pronounce "gif" like the g in gigantic...

Or the "g" in "gullible".

Things in the United States have been awfully unfortunate as of late

It's almost as if it were built upon a gigantic native american burial ground

The queen on a carriage with the German president

The German president, Mr. Gauk was visiting the queen. He gets the honor of a nice ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Suddenly, one horse releases a gigantic fart. The queen looks embarrassed and sais "oh, I'm sorry". Gauk: "No problem. I thought it was the horse anyway."

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