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What is the fear of giants called?


What do giants and strippers both have in common?

They both grind men's bones to make their bread.

A Saudi prince has come forward saying that they should end the ban placed on women driving in the kingdom.

Interesting, just in time when all global tech giants are in the final stage of trials of their self-driving cars.

Giants joke, A Saudi prince has come forward saying that they should end the ban placed on women driving in the k

How are strippers like giants?

they both grind bones to make bread.

The New York Giants held "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day."

The daughters won 27-3.

What's common between strippers and giants?

They both grind men's bones to make bread

I have a chronic fear of giants.

It's a fee-fi-phobia

Giants joke, I have a chronic fear of giants.

Please stop making jokes about little people

How would you feel if a bunch of giants made jokes about you?

I heard that Dyson, the vacuum cleaner giants, are planning on making a new electric car...

I hope it doesn't suck.

What do giants and strippers have in common?

They both grind on bones to make their bread.

What do you call a fear of giants?


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Why are gas giants always so happy?

Because they're so Jovial.

Jesus promised the end of wicked people. Thor promised the end of frost giants.

I don't see many frost giants.

I'm afraid of giants

I have **FeeFiPhobia**.


Friend 1: Dude, me and Nick are going to a Giants game! Box seats, wanna go?

Friend 2: Nick and I.

Friend 1: What?

Friend 2: It's Nick and I. Me and Nick is not proper grammar dude.

Friend 1: You are right! It is Nick and I, because you are no longer invited.

Two Giants walk into a bar

One gets a concussion, and the other breaks right through.

Giants joke, Two Giants walk into a bar

What do Monica Lewinsky and the New York Giants have in common?

They were both terrorized by Clinton Dix, Ha Ha.

Why is every fan in New York a Giants fan?

Because they hate Jets

How did the NY Giants salute Colin Kaepernick in 2017?

By taking a knee for the entire season.

I have an irrational fear of giants.

I have Fee Fi Phobia.

What is a fear of giants called?


They Might Be Giants

Big, if true

Had a dream I was passing out halloween, but all the young children were giants towering over me...

It was the Heightmare before Christmas

If only Jason Pierre Paul played for the Patriots instead of the Giants...

He would be the first NFL player to have a ring on every finger.

Why does Uranus look so smooth compared to other gas giants?

Uranus contains more methane.

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