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I used to be embarrassed by my geology fetish.

I started off stroking gravel but now I'm feeling a little boulder.

Geology rocks,

But geography is where it's at.

All the Geology majors at my university smoke a lot weed.

I guess you could say that they're all a bunch of stoners.

Geology joke, All the Geology majors at my university smoke a lot weed.

I met my wife while we working at the same museum

I met my wife while we were working at the same museum. Our first date was in the geology section, the second in paleontology, and the rest was history.

Students are excited to attend the geology class at the local school.

They say it totally rocks.

I really like rock puns.

They're something we shouldn't take for granite. I mean, they are pretty solid.

Let's just face it, geology rocks!

PS: I just hit rock bottom, didn't I?

I just got out of my Geology class.

We studied metamorphic rocks which was Gneiss.

Geology joke, I just got out of my Geology class.

I just found out that my geology professor passed away...

my sediments go out to his family

I demanded a refund for my geology course

It was very surface level.

My wife has only one problem: she can't tell the difference between Geology and Geography

Either way, she can still rock my world.

I went on a geology diet recently

I lost a stone

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A high schooler told his geology teacher that..

"geology rocks!"

The teacher's response?

"that's Gneiss, but it's too bad you're so schist at it"


Black Friday at the geology museum was great!

There were so many great shales!

Geology rocks! Geometry rules! Can you think of anymore?

I've always liked the joke from "Friends", that Ross has geology rocks! written in his childhood notepad. I also thought you could say geometry rules! Can you guys think of any others?

Welcome to the Geology Department

Have a gneiss day!

What do geology and history have in common?

It's always Europe's fault

Geology joke, What do geology and history have in common?

How physicists see other sciences:

Biology: squishy physics
Geology: slow physics
Computer Science: virtual physics
Psychology: people physics
Chemistry: impure physics
Math: physics minus the units

Geology humor ?

When some gravel hit my car and cracked a window, I said "You little schist! Why can't you be gneiss?"

My uncle had two careers. The first was geology, which he spent 20 years then moved into police work where he spent another 20 years.

You could say he was obsessed with finding faults.

Two students are talking about their majors

One student tells the other, "I'm taking history of rock"
The other student replies, "you mean geology?"

I was going to major in Geology and study the Earth...

But really, it's beneath me

Geology rocks

but making holes in rocks is boring.

What do you call a geology exhibit?

A Rock Show

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