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Funny Geologists Jokes and Puns

Where do geologists go for entertainment?

*Rock concerts.*

Did you hear about the group of geologists?

They formed a Rock Band.

Geologists really love rocks....

...that's why they date them!

Geologists joke, Geologists really love rocks....

Why are geologists so good at getting laid?

They know the best dating techniques.

Socially awkward people would probably make great geologists

cause they're always staring at the ground.

Hey geologists, I'm having a party...

Are you (Mg,Fe2+)2(Mg,Fe2+)5Si8O22(OH)2?

What's a geologists favorite song?

I wanna rock.

Geologists joke, What's a geologists favorite song?

Why do geologists perform so well during intercourse?

They really know how to make bedrock.

I hate it when geologists explain the reasons behind earthquakes.

All that stupid faulty logic.

What do you call it when a group of geologists have sex?

A Georgy.

Geologists may not always get along, but when the schist hits the fan...

Its coarse-grained, metamorphic layers can be split into thin irregular plates from the impact.

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Geologists look for the same thing in rocks and girls


If geologists like rock music and mortuary scientists like death metal, what kind of music do physicists like?

Physicists enjoy dubstep, mainly because you don't have to account for wind resistance in the drop

What type of music do geologists listen to?


What's a British geologists favourite fruit?


Geologists make ground breaking discoveries everyday.

Get it? Haha

Geologists joke, Geologists make ground breaking discoveries everyday.

Bad Dad Joke:

Q: Did you hear two University Geologists broke off their engagement?

A: the relationship was rocky from the start

Breaking news!

U.S. Geologists made an extraordinary discovery. On top of huge reserves of American oil they have found some strange Arabian country.

How do geologists measure volume?


What do you call a group of dead geologists?

Mineral Spirits

Why does the Earth love geologists?

They really get it's rocks off

Geologists think they're funny

Tim: What kind of stone is this?

Geologist: Oh, that would be leaverite.

Tim: Really?

Geologist: Yeah, leaverite there. It's just a rock.

Tim: ...

Geologist: Come on, you know that schist was funny.

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