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"Anybody here named Jeff?"

Jeff: "Yes"

Geoff: "Yeos"

A man enters a party and says "Is anybody here named Jeff?"

Jeff raised his hand and said "Yes."

Geoff raised his hand and said "Yeos."

is jeff here?

Jeff: yes!
Geoff: Yeos!

I was thinking of naming my children similar names..

But I didn't want them to be the same, so I named my first son Geoff and my second son Jeff.

One cow says to another...

"aren't you worried about all this mad cow disease going round?"

"doesn't bother me, geoff, because i'm a helicopter"

What did the Buddhist order from a hotdogs vendor? (and two other Buddhist jokes)

One with everything

What kind of vacuum cleaner did the Buddhist buy?

One with no attachments

What did the Buddhist eat for breakfast?


[credit to my friend Geoff for first two]

What do you get when Geoff King is high?

Donnie Narco

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