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What's Freddy from Scooby Doo's favorite music genre?

Trap Music.

What genre consists of erotic novels?


If we all end up going to jail for downloading music......

I at least hope they separate us by music genre.

Genre joke, If we all end up going to jail for downloading music......

I think me life is like the Truman Show.

I was tryin' ta figure out what type a genre show it be.

I thought, "It might be a drama," but me life isn't sad enough.

I thought, "It might be an action tale," but alas, 'tis too boring.

"Then, perhaps, it be a comedy," I thought, but me life isn't funny, so I cast that idea overboard.

"Well," I thought, "it might be British."

The Love for music!

If someday we all go to prison for downloading music, I hope they split us by music genre.

What genre can't Ed Sheeran sing ?


A landscaper's favourite musical genre?


Genre joke, A landscaper's favourite musical genre?

What is Shia Labeouf's favourite genre of music?

Jazz Duets.

What was the favorite genre of music of the man that hung himself off of a windy bridge


What's a pirates favourite video game genre?


What's a drug addict's favorite music genre?

Crack rock

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Why is K-pop the best genre of music?

It has Seoul.

What is a mummies favorite genre of music?


A wind turbine asks his friend what his favourite genre of music is

To which he responds: "I'm a big metal fan."

What's Cain's favorite genre of music?

Rock, I hear his brother hates it though.

The future

The world in 10 years...

MTV announcer: a new punk rock band making its way to the top 100...

Band leader: I'm sorry did you just assume our genre?

Genre joke, The future

What's Dave's favorite music genre?


What's Hitler's favorite music genre?

Reich and Roll

What's a linking verb's favorite genre of music?

Are & Be

What is Sean Spicer's favorite genre of music?

Alternative Rock

Dear Judge

If you're going to put us all in prison for pirating music at least have the mercy to put us in a cell with people who like the same genre!

(Not my joke, heard it somewhere and I thought it was funny)

What do you call it when an entire music genre dies?


What is the one genre of music that Ed Sheeran can never play?


What genre of music is a balloons least favorite?


North Korea has created a new genre of music...

...It's called K-Boom

What is Captain Kirk's least favorite movie genre?


What is President Obama's favorite genre of music?

Barack 'n Roll.

Ba dum tss.

What genre is the National Anthem?

Country Music

What is a poor man's least favorite genre of music?


What did the trans-textual book say to the librarian?

"Did you just assume my genre?"

What's a terrorist's favorite music genre


Why is jazz the most typical genre people use to "set the mood?"

It's so saxxy.

Whats a balloon's least favourite genre of music?


If genres were flavors SCI-FI would be sour, Fantasy would be sweet, Horror would be bitter, Mystery would be umami...

And Erotica would be salty.

What genre of music does a caveman play?


Kim and Kanye are combining their talents to make a new genre of music

they call it plastic rap

What is earth's favorite genre of music?


What is Caesar Zeppeli's least favorite genre of music?


What genre are national anthems?


What is James Charles favorite music genre?


If you could end coronavirus by sacrificing one genre of music, then which one would it be and..

Why K-pop?

What is a mummy's favourite genre of music?

Wrap music.

What is a pirates favorite YouTube genre?


North Korea has declared a 'cultural war' on K-pop coming in from the South. They decided the best way to counter this would be to creat their own genre of music.

They have named it K-Boom.

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