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Funny Genocide Jokes and Puns

What's the difference between a turkey and Turkey?

A turkey wouldn't commit genocide against innocent people

Why is 5 afraid of 6?

Because 6 commited genocide in Iraq.

Why would the Higgs Boson feel unsafe in a country where the leader openly practiced genocide?

It would be a land of mass-murder

Genocide joke, Why would the Higgs Boson feel unsafe in a country where the leader openly practiced genocide?

If 'Blasian' is the mix of Asian and black, what do you get when you mix white and Indian?


Dark: Whats one thing you can do in a vast quantity without bothering with the quality?


Why did the Hutus kill a million Tutsis during the Rwandan Genocide?

What's worse than genocide?

The vicar's garden party

Genocide joke, What's worse than genocide?

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do May Flowers bring?


Worst events in world history

* 1. Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.
* 2. Armenian Genocide.
* 17. Holocaust.

What's the difference between a turkey sandwich and a ham sandwich?

A turkey sandwich doesn't recognize the Armenian genocide

How do you get Americans to care about the Sudanese genocide?

Dress them up as dead lions

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So, I walked into the Library yesterday and asked for a book on Genocide, Rape, killing and having sex with children...

The Librarian smiled handed me a copy of the Qur'an.

Have you heard?

Have you heard of the Arkadian Genocide?

Why did Hitler turn to genocide after a failed career as an artist?

He never learned to mix the colors

I legally changed my name to Edward Genocide... can call me Ed G.

Thanksgiving is a time of grateful reflection

Genocide never tasted so good

Genocide joke, Thanksgiving is a time of grateful reflection

A man is put on trial for committing mass genocide against the people of Scotland. It looked like he would be in prison for life...

...but he got off Scot-free.

Battlefield 1 dlc pack just announced!

The armenian genocide comes with 3 new maps and lots of new weapons. Only 19.99.

There are more Jews than Native Americans...

I guess genocide is just one more thing Americans are better at than Germans

What type of dog committed genocide?

Well, greyhounds finish races all the time.

Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

Because they can't accept the failure - Kardashians are still alive

If abortion is murder

Is jerking off genocide?

What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?


Jokes about mass genocide are only funny if they are said by certain people.

- Adolf Hitler.

What do you call two people who are about to commit a genocide?


The Washington Redskins, due to the incredible amount of racism, genocide and ignorance associated with that word, have decided to change their name to...

... The Redskins.

Do you know what's worse than a worm in an apple?


What do cold food, warm soda, and genocide have in common?

They all occur at family reunions.

Inappropriate Joke

"If you kill everyone, it's genocide. If you don't, it's bad press."

Hitler committed genocide and incited WWII but you'll agree with him

not sure on this one BuzzFeed...

What's red black red black red black....

The Rwandan Genocide

I asked my Turkish friend how they say "Armenian Genocide in his language

He had no words

What do you call the genocide of trees?

Christmas Day

If Geno was to be playable in Smash Ultimate,

Every time you'd K.O. him, you'll be committing *Geno*cide

Whats the difference between a chicken and a turkey

a chicken is a common farm animal

and a turkey commits genocide against armenians.

I once watched a documentary about a Russian leader who ruled the Soviet Union and led the Red Terror genocide...

...I thought it was about their current president but it turns out, he's not that Vlad.

I don't like teachers who make me calculate with humans.

They commit math genocide on a daily basis.

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