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Where does baseball appear in the Bible?


In the Big Inning.


At first, there was nothing. And then God said, "let there be light".

There was still nothing. But now you could see it more clearly.

Those people who are against gay marriage and say...

''In Genesis it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve'', are so narrow minded..

Everyone knows that in Genesis it was Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford..

Genesis joke, Those people who are against gay marriage and say...

It's funny that condoms are ribbed for her pleasure...

Because in Genesis, God ribbed Adam for Eve.

I heard that there were a couple of jokes in the Bible, so I went to look for one myself...

I found one in Genesis, but it wasn't that funny; it was the oldest joke in the book.

If the Genesis flood happened in prehistoric times...

...It'd be Jurassic Ark

After it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, how was the flood of Genesis stopped?

God dammed it.

Genesis joke, After it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, how was the flood of Genesis stopped?

God was the first to create a music band and it's called...


What do Phil Collins and God have in common?

They were both introduced in Genesis and have watched people drown without intervening.

A christian came to the door and looked confused when I said I didn't believe the words of genesis

I just never thought Phil Collins was that captivating.

So, the guy who plays Captain America bought a pirate ship.

And he covered it in Vegas-style lights

And he has Phil Collins' band playing on it.

It's a Neon Genesis Evans' Galleon

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What do you call a bunch of furries, an all girls volleyball meet, and a video game tournament?

Genesis 3.


"The Bible for $500 Alex"

Alex: The moral in Genesis

"What is don't walk with a Cain if you're Abel?"

Alex: We'll accept that

What did the egg cell say when it saw a Sega Genesis?


What are Captain Kirk's least favorite 1970's prog-rock bands?

It's a tossup between the alan parsons PROJECT and GENESIS.

(Meta) It's time we talk about something

Physical, Morphism, Bolic, Centric, Nephros, Stasize, Genesis, Analysis, lloidal, Thoracic, Llurgist, L...

Genesis joke, (Meta) It's time we talk about something

What is a Nuclear Physicist's favorite Genesis song?

"Land of Cold-Fusion".

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