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What kind of tea does an anarchist drink?

Cheap generic iced tea.

Because proper tea is theft.

(Generic title that catches your attention)

(Mildly amusing pun)

I got into a fight with my girlfriend the other day

She was saying a bunch of generic stuff like 'I need to learn to let things go' and 'I always keep things bottled up inside' and 'I make her feel trapped.' I had to interrupt her pretty quickly and tell her "you can drop all the hints you want, I'm not letting you out of this basement".

Generic joke, I got into a fight with my girlfriend the other day

I bought a generic frosted flakes box...


...alright, I guess.

What do you call a generic horror movie where nothing happens?

A filler thriller.

The generic brand of Swedish Fish

Would have to be Scandinavian Swimmers, wouldn't it?

What's the generic name for Viagara?


Generic joke, What's the generic name for Viagara?

What's the generic name for MiraLax?


Kidneys init

British boy: Yo, Wat does a kidney do blud?


Generic boy: Yes

What do you call a generic brand of potatoes?


A generic tittle

3 kinds of people i hate.

1: people that cant spel

3: people that can't count.

2: people that ask for upvotes

Upvote if you agree.

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Jim always thought he was the generic guy in the group... was John Doe.

My friend and I are making a band

He's a really good pencil tapper and I rap.
We decided to go with a generic name so people would know what we're about.
It's called "Rapping and Tapping."

What's a word that means homogeneous? [OC]

Generic is kind of similar.

Can you think of a word with the same definition as "generic"?

Well, "Homogenous" is kind of similar.

I ordered a new dish washer on black friday.

- (insert generic mail order bride joke here)

Generic joke, I ordered a new dish washer on black friday.

The pharmacist said they only have the generic version of my laxative medication.

I said "I guess I'll have to make doo with that".


So like, you know how there's Extra Large and Extra Small sized clothing? Why can't I get something Extra Medium, like its the most generic sized shirt possible.

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