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What are children generally better at then adults?

Giving the pope an errection

For Men Having Steak For Dinner, Is Just Like Having Sex...

Generally you are eating out, it cost alot and you never want to finish...

What is the difference between a blonde woman and a blonde man...

The blonde woman generally has a much higher sperm count.

Generally joke, What is the difference between a blonde woman and a blonde man...

Tapeworms in a cow

Time for another terrible joke.

So, there are these two tapeworms in a cow. They are talking and just generally gossiping a bunch. One of them tells the other something shocking. The other tapeworm says. "Where did you ever hear that" The first tapeworm replies.

"I heard it through the bovine."

I'll show myself out now.

Small Organ

A fellow picked up a girl in a bar and took her home with him. After some preliminary drinks and talk, they got undressed, climbed into bed and generally got organized for a leg over.

After a few minutes, the girl started laughing. The fellow asked her what she found so amusing.

"Your organ," she replied. "It's a bit on the small side."

Hurt, he replied, "It's not used to playing in cathedrals."

You know what they say about assumptions, right?

They say that they are generally wrong.

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses use Macs?

They prefer to not have windows.

[For those that don't get it, their churches, called "Kingdom Halls", frequently are built without windows. The official reason given is to avoid vandalism but the real reason is usually secrecy. Generally if the group builds a church it won't have windows. Source: my ex-wife was a former member]

Generally joke, Why do Jehovah's Witnesses use Macs?

The definition of the word "assault".

A condiment that is generally served with "apepper".

I saw duck on the lake today

It was going crazy, flapping madly and just generally agitated.

It was quacking up.

Was the Dodge Charger a good car?


In Germany things generally go from bad to


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Why are clickbait titles generally in the form of a question?

Nice guys finish last

And they generally warn you just before they do.

Why are shopaholics in the UK generally very skinny?

Because they are always losing pounds.

I'm not, generally, afraid of herbivores...

but my friend Herb is.

How to sound authentically Irish when bewildered, befuddled, confounded, or just generally in a tizzy.

Say this phrase: Whale oil beef hooked.

Generally joke, How to sound authentically Irish when bewildered, befuddled, confounded, or just generally in a tizz

Ever wondered why written jokes about mailmen are generally unfunny?

They are all about delivery.

Obvious media bias

Michelle Obama gives a speech when her husband is being nominated, and the media is generally positive. Melania Trump gives the exact same speech, and the media pretends it's some kind of scandal.

Name a famous recipe which Europeans, americans and Turks generally dislike

Recipe Erdogan :D

Bank on Confusion

Fifth Third Bank? I don't think you understand how to number things, which is something I generally look for in a bank.

"Oh my god," said my wife, smiling, "our boy's...kicking."

I said, "Yes, that's generally how football works."

Did you know sculptors who make likenesses of America's first president generally don't earn much?

I guess it makes sense that a George Washington carver gets paid peanuts.

Generally, the phrases "I'm sorry" and "I apologise" are used synonymously...

But not at a funeral.

Why do so many old New Yorkers move to Florida?

Because every part of their body has started to sag, hang lower, or generally head South.

What do you get when you cross a Marxist with a Socialist?

Two people who generally feel that the value of a commodity is equal to its socially necessary labor time.

I like military puns

Generally, they're very funny.

What did Whitney Houston say when asked which parts of public buildings are generally the most affectionate?

Hallways love yooooouuuuu.

Passing a test is generally really good

unless it's an HIV test

Military puns are funny

Generally speaking

At home, they treat me like God.

I'm generally ignored until someone wants something.

My Grandpa said that Snoopy is his favorite rapper.

He went on to explain that he generally doesn't like the hipping hop, but Snoopy Dog was his favorite.

My marriage counselor asked if it was true that I generally wake up grumpy in the morning

I said, "Nah, most of the time I just let her sleep"

Coming in early and leaving late are generally great and admired qualities.

Some women just don't appreciate a strong work ethic I suppose.

Why aren't pirates generally good drivers?

Well between the eye patch, hook hand, and peg leg, it's a miracle they can even get behind the wheel!

If you gave Kim Jong-un a Kim Pork-bun he'd have Kim Munch-fun and you'd have to Kim Fast-run

Because he doesn't like non-nationals, generally.

There's generally 2 sides to any gun-control debate

The Trigger-happy and the

Are fat people or thin people smarter?

It depends--thin people are generally sharper, while fat people are more well-rounded.

A Mathematician an Economist and an Account are at a bar

The bar tender asks them what 2+2 is. The Mathematician says it is 4. The economist says it depends on how the supply and demand curves are at the time but generally it is 4. The accountant puts down his beer, looks the bar tender in the eye and asks what do you want it to be?

Self deprecative humour is a bit like sex.

Generally speaking, I just don't get it.

People who have undergone a heart transplant are generally quite indecisive after the procedure.

They will always have a change of heart.

Girls are always so impressed with how fast I can take a bra off

But generally, they're not too happy that I was wearing one in the first place.

Before you fight fire with fire,

remember that the fire department generally uses water.

What do you call jokes about 9/11 and why are they generally not funny?

Too plain jokes

My imaginary friends have been ignoring me recently and generally just being mean

But I know where they live and have half a mind to really wreak some havoc.

Why major in philosophy?

Why major in philosophy?
- can be smug after only 2-3 classes
- only major where you finish knowing less than when you started
- generally better beards than psychology
- can't find a job, but then again what even is a job?

Explaining a joke is a bit like an STD at an orgy

Generally everyone gets it in the end but it's not really funny

Everyone generally agrees...

… John Denver was a plane down to earth kind of guy.

My friend is a CEO of a rather large corporation. He tells me he hired his account based solely on her looks, but is generally awful at her job.

It's the THOT that counts.

Chess Joke

You know chess is like a mirror image of real life in a lot of ways. For instance the person playing as black doesn't always lose, but they generally have to work a lot harder.

Are Confederate statues racist?


Robert E. Lee once said: "I like whiskey. I always did. And that is why I never drink it."

That's just generally speaking.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx ia a historically famous philosopher but no one ever mentions his sister and brother: Onya, the inventor of the starting pistol, and Skid, who was generally unpopular.

I got rid of my vacuum cleaner the other day.

It's been gathering dust for a while, and generally kind of sucks.

I generally get turned on by naked people. Sometimes they aren't naked. I get turned on by children, old people, adults as well. What am I?

I'm a showerhead.

A man went to the doctor for a routine checkup

He was generally well, just thought it was a good idea to check in. The doctor, however, immediately reached for the covid swab.

"I'm going to test you for Covid19" the Doctor said.

"But I'm well, no complaints, why would you do that?" Replied the man.

"Well..." The doctor started, his gaze narrowing. "Loss of taste is a known symptom of the virus, and you're wearing Crocs."

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