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Thanos wasn't completely responsible for all the deaths caused by the Infinity Gauntlet...

But he had a hand in it.

The Infinity Gauntlet was for the left hand

Even Thanos had priorities.

My friend said he could tell a better glove pun than me.

But I'm not gauntlet that happen.

What software does the Infinity Gauntlet run on?


Why did Thor throw his axe at Thanos's chest, instead of cutting off the hand with the gauntlet?

Because he was going for the kill shot instead of disarming him.

After months of research, Iļø have finally concluded what metal the Infinity Gauntlet is made of.


Where is the best place to punch a Mad Titan who is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet?

THA NOS (i'll just show myself out)

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