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Okay, so, I *had* an offensive joke I wanted to tell about Ancient Rome

But I don't have the Gaul anymore...

What did Julius Caesar say when the French tribesmen rebelled against him?

I can't believe you had the Gaul to do this.

You're driving me in-Seine. I can't handle this Rhine now.

My girlfriend said I don't know how to be romantic

So I yelled "DEUS VULT!" and invaded Gaul. Proved her wrong

Gaul joke, My girlfriend said I don't know how to be romantic

Why was Julius Caesar the first dictator of Rome?

He was the only one with the Gaul to try it.

A centurion and his cohort walk into a bar...

The bartender sighs and says, "Lemme guess. You either want one martinus or you'll hold up two fingers in a V and ask for five."

The centurion stabbed him because the bartender was a Gaul.

What did the Senate say to Julius Caesar?

You've got a lot of Gaul!

Gaius Julius Caesar walks into a baguette shop.

The owner stops him at the door and says: "I cannot believe you have the Gaul to just strut in here like that!"

Gaul joke, Gaius Julius Caesar walks into a baguette shop.

Why did the french geologist have to go to the hospital?

He had Gaul stones.

A lot of people say that Julius Caesar's invasion of France was "brave".

I have to agree, but it took a lot of Gaul.

i have a question for ron gaul

why was my wife screaming your name last night?

What was the most privileged region conquered by Julius Caesar?

Cis-Alpine Gaul.

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What did the old Frankish barbarians say to the Roman invasion?

[](/dumbfabric)"You don't have the *Gaul* to do it!"

Kennedy, Charles De Gaul, and Khrushchev ask god. . .

Kennedy: God, when will my people be happy?
God: 25 years.
Kennedy weeps and walks away.

Charles De Gaul: God, when will my people be happy?
God: 50 years.
Charles De Gaul weeps and walks away.

Khrushchev: God, when will my people be happy?
God weeps and walks away.

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