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A tough guy walks into a bar with an alligator on a leash.

When he has everyone's attention, he grabs the alligator by the mouth, opens it, and let's it chomp down on his c**.... He counts to ten, then hits the gator on the head with a beer bottle and it lets go. When the applause dies down, he offers $1,000 to anyone that can do that . The bar is dead quiet, and finally a little old lady raises her hand. I'll try it...but just don't hit me that hard on the head with the beer bottle .

Gatorades competition.

Upon the inception of Gatorade at the University of Florida, and the strides the teams were making on the field, Florida State University *also* tried to make their own energy drink for student athletes.

Unfortunately no one wanted to drink the "*Seminole Fluid*"...

What do you call a gator in a vest?



A man from Florida is on vacation in France and looking for a souvenir

He decides to buy a shirt that he can show off when he golfs with his buddies back home, so he finds a golf store.

To his surprise, he finds a golf shirt with a picture of a gator on it! There's gator merchandise from France?? What a perfect shirt!

He checks the tag and it's 100 €! Incensed, he asks the shopkeeper "Hey, why the h**... does the tag on this shirt say 100 euro?"

The shopkeeper replies "Monsieur, that is Lacoste."

What do you call a religious crocodile?

An Allah Gator!

A woman goes to the vet with her pet alligator...

She says "doctor, there is something wrong with my gator. I just caught him acting like a cat and meowing at a squirrel instead of eating it!"

After running a few tests the vet concludes that the alligator has a-reptile dysfunction.

A boy walks up to a pirate

A boy walks up to a pirate and curious about his missing leg, arm, and eye, asks about them.

"Why are your arm and leg missing?" the boy asks.

"Well, I was attacked by a gator while burying me treasure. Now I got me a wooden peg and hook for me hand"

"Then what happened to your eye?"

"s**... seagull pooped in it."

"A bird p**... in your eye made it fall right out?" The boy asks, surprised.

"No, lad. That was the first day I had my hook!"

Gator joke, A boy walks up to a pirate


Everybody knows that Gatorade was first used by the University of Florida's football program, but they weren't the first Florida team to create a hydrating beverage.

But unfortunately no one wanted to buy Seminole Fluid.

What do you call it when a reptile robs a drinks shop?

A gator raid

[Long] A r**... was walking with its dog...

A r**... was walking with his dog, when another dog starts to pick a fight with the r**...'s dog, the r**...'s dog with just one bite kills the other dog.

A lot of people get scared, cause there's a lot of blood and carnage, them a guy asks the r**... "What is your dog's breed?"

To wich the r**... responds "Before we cut the tail it was a gator"


Most people know Gatorade was developed at the University of Florida for its sports program, but they were not the first Florida school to do so.

Unfortunately no one wanted to buy Seminole Fluid.

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After seeing the wild success of the University of Florida's **Gator**ade, Florida State University also wanted to get in on the sports drink industry.

Weirdly, their **"Seminole Fluid"** was not well received.

Which military animal has the best sense of direction?

A navy gator.

What kind of Gator enjoys beer?

A tail-gator!

What do you get when you have unprotected s**... with a crocodile?

Gator AIDS.

What do you call a reptile in a four piece suit?

An in vest a gator...

Gator joke, What do you call a reptile in a four piece suit?

What do you call an alligator that plays hockey?

An ice gator

What if Gatorade was invented for Florida State instead of the Gators?

Would it be called Seminole Fluid?


When life gives you gator.....
Make Gatorade!

So a gator's friends are waiting for him at a bar

His friends are having drinks, eating, and playing pool. They start to wonder where their friend is, so they decide to call him. He answers the phone and his friend asks him where he is. The gator replies "I had to do some laundry, I'm here now though, I just cai-man."

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