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How many narcissists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None! They use gaslighting!

have you heard the joke about gaslighting?

yes you have

What does gaslighting mean?

It sounds made up. I bet you made that up.

Have you heard of that one gaslighting joke?

Yes, you have.

My son came up to me and asked what gaslighting was.

I said "What do you mean? I told you last week."

Ever hear the joke about gaslighting?

No..?, Yes you have. I posted it on this sub almost a week ago and you liked it. I know you did, I saw you do it. I had the notification and everything. In fact, your friend told me and you the joke the day before I posted it here. He may not remember, but I do, and you were there, you heard it, because you laughed.

I was freezing in Texas

Then I used to my phone to watch the news and the gaslighting kept me warm all day.

How many members of the GOP does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They use gaslighting

I'm not gaslighting you

You're crazy

What's the word for when someone tries shift the blame of their fart onto someone else?


My friend told me doesn't know what "gaslighting" means.

I told him: "Stop being ridiculous, you've always known what it means."

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Have you heard of gaslighting?

No you haven't.

What did the Redditor say on opposite day?

Sometimes white lies are OK and it's not always gaslighting .

I used to think my mother was gaslighting me.

She convinced me that it was all in my head.

Today I learned about gaslighting

It is a fake word.

What is it called when your boyfriend farts and then denies it?


My girlfriend accused me of gaslighting.

I was like "Are you sure?"

My wife always gets mad and tells me I'm gaslighting her.

I just tell her that she's being crazy.

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