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What's the difference between a Gardener and an electrician?

Ask them to define the word bulb .

The maid asked her boss, the wife for a raise, and the wife was upset.

The wife asked, "Now, Helen, why do you think you deserve a pay increase?"

Helen: "There are three reasons. The first is that I iron better than you."

Wife: "Who said that?"

Helen: "Your husband."

Wife: "Oh."

Helen: "The second reason is that I am a better cook than you."

Wife: "Who said that?"

Helen: "Your husband."

Wife: "Oh."

Helen: "The third reason is that I am better at sex than you."

Wife: "Did my husband say that as well?"

Helen: "No, the gardener did."

Wife: "So, how much do you want?"

What did the philanderer say to the gardener praying in the shed?

How do you stay faithful in a room full of hoes?

Gardener joke, What did the philanderer say to the gardener praying in the shed?

What did the overly excited gardener do when spring arrived?

He wet his plants.

I have an amazing gardener who's both vision impaired and dyslexic.

His work is Mind BLowing

A sad story

A boy was jelous of his baby brother, so he put poison on his mother's nipples. The next day, the gardener died.

What's the difference between a gardener and a pimp?

A gardener doesn't want his hose to have kinks.

Gardener joke, What's the difference between a gardener and a pimp?

What do you call a bearded gardener?

Hairy Potter

Did you hear about the gardener that had an aneurysm?

He's currently in a vegetative-state.

I was in a fight with a gardener, and she started throwing herbs at me.

I'm fine now, but I was parsley blinded for an hour.

A gardener looks at his petunias & says to his foxy French apprentice...


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What do you get if you cross a gardener with a banker?

A box hedge fund!

What did the homeowner say to the fruit growing gardener?

Water me lawn

What does the base-jumping gardener say?


Why are gardeners the best pimps?

Because they are well versed in whorticulture

What did the Australian trees say to the gardener?


Gardener joke, What did the Australian trees say to the gardener?

Why do gardeners make horrible cops?

Because they keep planting evidence.

A gardener fell from grace and forgot how she once was.

So she went back to her roots.


Interesting fact: Gardeners get to stay in their beds all day.

What do you call a grunge gardener?


My gardener is completely incompetent

He keeps soiling himself

What did the gardener say to the man in the grass shoes?


I employed a new gardener and gave him a list of tasks to do, when I returned he had only done tasks 1,3,5 and 7 on the list.

Turns out he's an odd job man.

Why can Severus Snape never become a gardener

His lilies always die

I asked a gardener which herbs were snitches...

He said only thyme would tell.

The gardener asked me what I wanted him to do, I told him to water the plants...

He points and asks "water these?",

I said "nah man, *pointing* WATER THOSE".

Hired a gardener today and gave him a list of things to do.

When I got back home he'd only done tasks 1,3 & 5.

Turns out he's an odd job man.

A wealthy man came home from a gambling trip and told his wife that he had lost their entire fortune and that they'd have to drastically alter their life-style.

"If you'll just learn to cook," he said, "we can fire the chef."

"Okay," she said. "And if you learn how to make love, we can fire the gardener."

The grass is greener on the other side

I forgot to water this half, I'm a bad gardener

What did the gardener say to the rose?

Hello, bud.

Why are gardeners better problem solvers than politicians

Because gardeners really get to the root of the problem.

Today a tragedy occurred: a gardener died

You could say he threw in the trowel

What's the difference between a special needs worker and a gardener?

One of them has to water their vegetables

Why was the gardener embarrassed?

He wet his plants in front of everyone

My wife left me for our gardener

So she's with Jesus now...

Why do gardeners hand out their herbs?

To pass the thyme.

Cutting down personal expenses

The business man was worried about his personal finances after a few sloppy years and thought to himself that he'd better start cutting down on private expenses.
Therefore he turned to his wife and said:

"Honey, if you could learn to cook and clean, we wouldn't need our household services."

The wife replied: "Sure. And if you could learn to satisfy me, we wouldn't need the gardener either."

Woah, is Aquaman running after your gardener?

No, he's Jason Mamoa

I think my wife is cheating on me.

We moved from Paris to New York and somehow we still have the same gardener.

What did the excited gardener do when spring finally came?

He wet his plants.

What do a serial killer and a prolific gardener have in common?

Both of their sheds are filled with hoes.

What's the last thing a gardener does?


Why is being a Gardener so easy?

They got all the thyme on their hands.

Why is Kim Jong-Un such a good gardener?

Cause he's the supreme weeder.

What did Phil Collins say when his gardener asked how he'd like the lawn cut?

"I don't care; any mow."

Why'd the blind Canadian think he had a gardener?

He kept hearing his wife ask, Where's that hose, eh?

I used to be a landscape gardener.

Got my clothes too dirty so I started doing it in portrait.

A gardener found unwanted scallions growing in with his crops

His garden sprung a leek.

the gay gardener

he loved planting seeds

I went to a vegetarian restaurant and the waiter asked, "How was your meal, sir?"

"It was very nice. My compliments to the gardener."

Why do gardeners like to wear diapers?

In case they get soiled

Roses are dead, violets are dead

And I'm a bad gardener

Gardeners say manure is great for tomatoes...

But I think it ruins the sandwich

Why was there a gardener on duty at Steven Hawking's burial?

They needed help planting the vegetable.

Did you hear what the foolish gardener did?

The guy planted a light bulb and thought he'd get a power plant.

Why does a Gardener make a decent Pimp?

They have experience dragging hoes outa beds

Why did the gardener feel naked when he went on vacation?

Because he didn't have any plants.

Asked a Landscape gardener for a quote

They said they couldn't help me as my garden was portrait

A rich couple lost all their money and was trying to think of ways to restore their fortunes.

The husband says to the wife if you learn to cook, we could get rid of the housekeeper

She laughed and replied if you learned to please me in bed, we could get rid of the gardener

What do a rapper and a gardener have in common?

They both spend a lot of money on hoes.

Where did the singing gardener go to school?

Julie's Yard!

Middle Ages Joke

Flower: I will droop my petals a little.
Aspiring gardener: THOU WILT NOT.

I hired a landscape gardener...

But he said he couldn't help me because my garden was portrait.

What does a toddler and a gardener have in common?

They both wet the bed.

What do you call a gardener that sleeps around?

A horticulturist

Girl, is you father a gardener?

'Cause you look like a vegetable!

Where do gardeners get their weed?

Home de pot

What do you call a Latino gardener?

An organic botanic Hispanic.

Is there a gardener in the audience?

Why does my leaf blower have a low setting?

I've never needed to blow a leaf just a little.

(Blows gently into microphone)

Sorry to hear your wife ran away with your gardener

Oh, that's all right. I was going to fire him anyway!

What do you call a gardener who cleans up a lot?

A tidy didy seed insidey!

How is a gardener like professor Henry Higgins?

they both have a horticulture.

As a gardener nothing makes me more excited then when my plants first sprout

I guess that makes me a petalphile

A bricklayer, a gardener and an electrician

A bricklayer, a gardener and an electrician argue about whose job is the oldest

The bricklayer goes first: "You see, we were there already when the pyramids were being built!"

The gardener answers: "True, but we already planted the flowers and trees in the garden of Eden."

To that, the electrician says: "You are right! But when god said 'Let there by light', we already layed the cables!"

He proposed marriage, because she promised she will make him try different positions

Now he is a husband, a driver, a cook, a gardener and a plumber.

Why was the gardener so embarrassed?

Because he wet his plants

What is the best job in the world?

Gardener. They get all them hose.

Why'd the gardener get banned from the hospital?

He kept watering the vegetables.

A maid decided it was time to demand a raise, so she went directly to the Lady of the house's private study

Maid: "I'd like a raise."

Mrs. Smith:"Why do you think you deserve a raise?

Maid:"Three reasons. First, I can cook better than you."

Mrs. Smith:"Who told you that?"

Maid:"Your husband. Second, I clean better than you."

Mrs. Smith:"Who told you that?"

Maid:"YourΒ husband.Third, I'm better in bed than you are."

Mrs. Smith:"I suppose my husband said that too?"

Maid:"No, the gardener."

Mrs. Smith:"How much do you want?"

I'm a nervous gardener...

and sometimes I wet my plants.


My gorgeous next door neighbor is a beginner gardener. I asked her how it was going so far.
She said,'I cant get my tomatoes to turn red like yours. Any advice?'
I said,"Every morning expose yourself to the tomatoes and you'll see they'll start blushing red.'
After a week of watching her expose her beautiful body to the tomatoes, I went over and asked her.'Any luck with the tomatoes?'
She said,"Not yet, but the cucumbers are enormous.'

Where does the gardener go to get rid of her unwanted flowers?

Plant Parenthood

The maid asked for a raise


The maid asked for a raise. The woman asked her why.

Maid : "For three reasons. Number 1, I iron clothes better than you."

Woman : "Who said that?"

Maid : "Your husband said that"

Woman : "Oh"

Maid : "Secondly, I cook better than you"

Woman : " Who said that?"

Maid : "Your husband"

Woman : "Oh"

Maid : "And the third reason is that I am better at sex than you"

Woman : "Did my husband said that too?"

Maid : "No, the gardener did."

A housekeeper approached the lady of the house to ask for a raise...

And why would you deserve a raise, may I ask? , said the wealthy homeowner.

3 reasons: Because I'm a better cook than you are , said the maid.

Who told you that?

Your husband. And I'm also better at cleaning.

Who told you that?

Also your husband.

And the third reason why you think I should give you a raise?

Because I'm a LOT better in bed than you.

Hmmm... did my husband tell you that, too?

No, ma'am... the gardener.

I never realised how much my parents hated coal...

...until I told them I was dating a miner. They haven't spoken to me since.
I don't get it, she's perfect. Even a great gardener. But they didn't even care when I said she gave me her peas

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