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[garden of eden]

**Snake:** Pssst! want an apple?

**Eve:** No thanks, I do not sin.

**Snake:** What's the length of the opposite side of a 30° right triangle with a hypotenuse of 20?

**Eve:** 10

**Snake:** Thanksss

**Adam:** How did you calculate that?

**Eve:** Oh no.

Gardens (only clean joke I know)

Why don't you tell secrets in a garden?

Because the corn have ears, the potatos have eyes and the beanstalk.

What did the garden say when he liked the music?


Garde joke, What did the garden say when he liked the music?

While gardening, I accidently unearthed a tulip bulb.

"Whoops." I said "Sorry bud."

I spent alot of my days trying to grow a specific seasoning in my garden

it took forever, but once it finally produced, i had the thyme of my life.

Why are gardeners the best pimps?

Because they are well versed in whorticulture

The Garden of Eden

A Brit, a Frenchman and a Russian are viewing a painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden.

"Look at their reserve, their calm," muses the Brit. "They must be British."

"Nonsense," the Frenchman disagrees. "They're naked, and so beautiful. Clearly, they are French."

"No clothes, no shelter," the Russian points out, "they have only an apple to eat, and they're being told this is paradise. Clearly, they are Russian."

Garde joke, The Garden of Eden

Why do gardeners make horrible cops?

Because they keep planting evidence.

A gardener fell from grace and forgot how she once was.

So she went back to her roots.

I have a gardening tool that I use to dig up large amounts of treasure

So yeah, I got a big booty hoe

My gardener is completely incompetent

He keeps soiling himself

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What did the gardener say to the man in the grass shoes?


In the Garden of Eden, Eve wore a fig leaf. Do you know what Adam wore?

A hole in it.

My Garden Statue Called In Sick Today

He has Gnome-onia.

Why are gardeners better problem solvers than politicians

Because gardeners really get to the root of the problem.

Why was the gardener embarrassed?

He wet his plants in front of everyone

Garde joke, Why was the gardener embarrassed?

Why do gardeners hand out their herbs?

To pass the thyme.

What does security at the fencing arena say as they exchange at the end of a shift?

You're on en garde guard duty.

A gardener found unwanted scallions growing in with his crops

His garden sprung a leek.

Why do gardeners like to wear diapers?

In case they get soiled

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ saw every sin imaginable...

Meaning he saw some dude blasting rope to Waluigi hentai and still decided to save humanity. What a absolute legend.

Why are the gardens of Pyongyang so immaculate?

Because they have a supreme weeder.

What do artists say to each other before they duel?

avant garde!

Why was there a gardener on duty at Steven Hawking's burial?

They needed help planting the vegetable.

What does a garden and a woman on heroin have in common?

They both grow vegetables when someone plants a seed in them.

Have you heard of experimental art called "garde"?

Because I avant.

When I do the gardening, I alphabetise my herbs, people often ask how I find the time.

I respond with "Easy, Thyme is right between the Tarragon and Turmeric"

Why does a Gardener make a decent Pimp?

They have experience dragging hoes outa beds

I saw a garden elf

On the subway today muttering to himself click.... click.... click.... click....

He was a metro gnome.

What did they say about the Swordsman's outfit at the Met Gala?

That is was very Avant En Garde.

How is a gardener like professor Henry Higgins?

they both have a horticulture.

As a gardener nothing makes me more excited then when my plants first sprout

I guess that makes me a petalphile

Garden shears will never be outdated.

After all, it's cutting-hedge technology.

A garden gnome is busy destroying plants when suddenly a house cat appears.

What are you? asks the cat. I'm a gnome. I steal food from humans. I kill their plants, and I raise a ruckus at night to drive them crazy. I just love mischief! And what, may I ask, are you? The cat thinks for a moment and says, I guess i'm a gnome.

Why was the gardener so embarrassed?

Because he wet his plants

I was in the garden section of the hardware store and some guy asked me if I wanted decking.

Luckily I got the first punch in.

I was doing some gardening the other day, when I found some gold coins

I was about to run straight home and tell my wife, then I remembered why i was digging in our garden.

Has anyone else's gardening skills improved during this quarantine like mine have ?

I planted myself on the sofa at the beginning of April and I've grown bigger ever since

Why'd the gardener get banned from the hospital?

He kept watering the vegetables.

Has anyone else's gardening skills improved during this quarantine like mine have?

I planted myself on my couch at the beginning of March and I've grown significantly since.

Did you know garden gnomes wear little red hats?

It's a little gnome fact.

I was in the garden one day when I saw a frisbee coming towards me, and I was wondering why it was getting bigger

And then it hit me

Most garden statuary is only 30cm tall and wears red hats.

It's a little gnome fact.

Where does the gardener go to get rid of her unwanted flowers?

Plant Parenthood

Has anyone's gardening skills improved during the quarantine?

I planted myself on the couch in August and have grown significantly since.

If your garden gets nuked.

Does it become a Gnome man's land?

Gardening.. so exciting, I wet my plants!

What did the gardener do when he was excited for growing season?

He wet his plants.

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