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  1. Why is the Scottish national garb called the kilt? Because if you call it a skirt where they can hear you, you get kilt.
  2. How do you organize a collection of traditional female garb from India and Japan? Sari, not sari
  3. Went out drinking with some friends last night and saw a woman in full church garb getting absolutely plastered. Weirdest thing I've ever seen, bar nun.

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  1. Garb flarb bjarb... HARB CAR!

Garb joke, Garb flarb bjarb...

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Becoming a garbage man isn't hard....

you just pick it up as you go along.
^^^*I'm* ^^^*terribly* ^^^*sorry*

Garbagemen never receive actual training

They just pick things up as they go

You know, garbage man as a job title is a little sexist and outdated.

We should call them garbage people instead.

I think I want to be a garbage man.

I hear the industry is picking up!

A garbage man was doing the rounds one morning in Oklahoma

He came to a house where there was no bin out front, but there was a guy sitting on the porch.
The garbage man called out. 'Hey! Where's 'ya bin?'
The guy replies 'I've been in Florida'.
The garbage man says 'No. No. Where's 'ya wheely bin?'
The guys says 'I've really been in jail but I tell everyone I've been in Florida'

Two Nuns run out of gas...

Two Nuns run out of gas a mile from the gas station.
They are rummaging around the car for a gas can, or some other container to hold the fuel but all they can find is a bed pan.
So they take the bed pan and walk the mile to the station, fill the pan and walk back to the car.
So there they are, two Nuns in full Nun garb pouring gas into the vehicle from a bed pan.
A man driving by sees the Nuns, sees the bed pan and exclaims:
"Oh, Lord! Now that is faith!"

Why is garbage so sad?

It's down in the dumps.

What's better than having a garbanzo bean on your face?

Having a chickpea on your face.

What do garbage men call their fellow workers?

Litterally, literally.

What do garbage man eat?

Junk food

"The garbage needs to go out. It's full of candy wrappers."

"Is Eminem in there?"

Why was the garbage man arrested?

Because he was bin laden.

Garb joke, How do you organize a collection of traditional female garb from India and Japan?