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5 gangsters calmly walk into a bar.

Immediately, a Karen rushes up to them and starts yelling at them to get out.

"What are you doing!?" yells the bartender. "They haven't even been here for two minutes!"

"Well," the Karen retorts. "I've heard that 5G's are bad for the environment!"

How do gangsters receive communications?


Where do Italian gangsters come from?

The spaghetto

Gangsters joke, Where do Italian gangsters come from?

Where do French gangsters hang out?

The baghetto.

What do gay cholo gangsters and nerds have in common?

They love being in their homes and doing their essays.

Where do Italian gangsters live?

In the spaghetto.

PS: credits to my girlfriend who came up with it

Why don't they let gansters play Quidditch?

Cause gangsters always catch the snitch!

Gangsters joke, Why don't they let gansters play Quidditch?

I saw four gangsters beating up on a kid

I decided to help. He didn't stand a chance against five of us.

I keep getting the words "Yakuza" and Jakuzzi" mixed up.

Now I'm in real hot water with some Japanese gangsters.

Where do adolescent gangsters go?

The childhood

Gangsters are the kindest people.

They gather in a group and ask what your problem is

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Why do gangsters hold their guns sideways?

Because that's the way it came in the box.

Why do gangsters hold their pistols sideways?

Because that's how it comes in the box :D

How to you contact tiny gangsters from beyond the grave?

Wee G Board

I decided at a young age that I would get buried in the same way as my father

Unfortunately gangsters buried him alive

Side note,could someone please send help

What killed all the 1920's gangsters?

hepatitis see

Gangsters joke, What killed all the 1920's gangsters?

How do Japanese Gangsters say Hello??


(What's up B!)

Why do gangsters save so much money on clothes?

'Cause all their pants are half-off

What email provider do gangsters use?


What's the most common eye disease amongst gangsters these days?


Why aren't there any Jewish gangsters?

Because they don't "come from the hood"

How do gangsters check their e-mails?

With Gmail.

What do you call gangsters living in the woods?

Cottage G's.

Why are lesbians like gangsters?

Because they're strapped up.

Why don't hipsters become gangsters?

It wouldn't be their paradise.

Modern day American gangs try and make out how mad and dangerous they are.

But don't forget, those British twin gangsters from the 60s were Kray-Kray.


Q: How many old-timey gangsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: We ain't sayin' nuthin'.

Why don't gangsters play quidditch?

They always just kill the snitch.

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