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Why do gangsters hold their pistols sideways?

Because that's how it comes in the box :D

What do you get when you cross a gangster and a serial killer?


(If you don't get it: "cross" can mean "betray")

What do you call it when a gangster accidentally kills a fellow gang member?


Gangster joke, What do you call it when a gangster accidentally kills a fellow gang member?

Kid Complaining

Mom, mom, some kids at School are accusing me of being a gangster.
- do not worry my child. Tomorrow I'll go to your school and i will fix that.
- Okay, but make it look like an accident!

Why don't gangsters play quidditch?

They always just kill the snitch.

A gangster asks his son how his exam went

"They questioned me for 3 hours but I told them nothing, dad."

Did you hear about the gangster panda?

It eats shoots and leaves.

Gangster joke, Did you hear about the gangster panda?

Why isn't the word gangster pronounced [Jang-ster]?

Because there ain't no such thing as a soft 'G.'

What do you call an Asian gangster wearing a blue bandana?

A rice crippy.

How did the gangster die below the Empire State Building?

Someone dropped a dime on him.

Why do gangsters save so much money on clothes?

'Cause all their pants are half-off

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What does a gangster rapper Juice Wrld do when they are involved in a shipwreck?

Swim fo sho

How do gangsters receive communications?


What do you call a gangster with no limbs?

A crip

Today's Headline: The local golf course has been having a lot of trouble with gangster grass related issues. A patron is quoted as saying...

" It's an all out turf war. "

What did the Mexican gangster say when a Super America fell on top of him?

Get off me SA!

Gangster joke, What did the Mexican gangster say when a Super America fell on top of him?

What is it called when a gangster kills his friend?

A Homie-cide

Have you heard about the hobo gangster?

Word on the street is he's roofless.

what do you call gangster spaghetti


It was so cold outside...

I saw a gangster pulling up their trousers

Did you hear about the Chinese super gangster that died and whom everyone despised?

He was unbereavable.

I saw four gangsters beating up on a kid

I decided to help. He didn't stand a chance against five of us.

What do you call a lazy gangster?

A potato Crip.

How can you tell if your farmer is a certified gangster?

His cornrows are always straight

What do you call a gangster cow?

Al Cowpone

What do a DND player and a gangster have in common?

They both refer to their freinds as those they 'roll with'

Why did the gangster shoot the man with one arm?

Because he was a crip

What do you call a sad gangster?

An emoji.

Mom, someone called me gangster at school today.

Mom: Dont worry I'll go tomorrow and solve this problem

Son: Make sure it looks like an accident.

Why did the 1920's gangster get scurvy?


What do you call a gangster janitor?

A mopster

What do you call a Semitic Rastafarian Gangster?


What do you call a gangster sex movie

Al caporno

What do you call a gangster horse?


What did the gangster say to the cannibals?

Yo why you grilling me?

What do you call an incredibly tall Mexican gangster?

Hombre the Giant.

The mob boss sends two of his men to kill a gangster...

They park outside his house half an hour before his expected return, check their guns, and wait. Half an hour later, the gangster's not there. They keep waiting in silence, an hour passes - and he's not there. Time passes, and the target is still not home. Finally, one of the hitmen looks at the watch and says:

"We've been here for three hours, and he still ain't showed up."

"Jeez," the other hitman says, "I hope nothing happened to him."

I am not a pimpstagram

Said the gangster to his grandma

Ice Cube has sure come a long way from the rap world to family-friendly comedies...

All the way from "Keep it gangster" to "Keep it down in the back seat"

What do you call it when a stoned gangster gives you an ultimatum?

High blood pressure.

What do you call a gangster who wears eyeliner?

An emoji.

Why do gangsters hold their guns sideways?

Because that's the way it came in the box.

What did the brittish gangster say when they lost there pants?

Where my knickers at!?

I made it as a gangster

I can't believe I finally hit the g-spot

How do gangsters check their e-mails?

With Gmail.

Did you hear about the Mexican gangster who had to drop out of university?

Says he couldn't handle all the essays.

My daughter brought her new boyfriend home to meet us.

He seemed a bit of a gangster at first but then I realised he was in fact just deaf.

Don and his son

Big time gangster Don Vito Corleone picked up his son Santino after his annual exams. 'How was it?' he asked.

'They questioned me for three hours, papa. But I told them nothing.'

What do you call a gangster who believes in double standards?

A hypocrip.

-Dad,my classmates at school call me a gangster.

-Don't worry son,i will take care of it.
-Alright,but make sure it will look like an accident,huh?

What do you call a gay gangster?

A homie sexual

'Everybody's a gangster until they get punched in the mouth.' - Mike Tyson

And after that, everybody's a gangthter.

What do you call giving a gangster a hand job?

Tug a thug.

5 gangsters calmly walk into a bar.

Immediately, a Karen rushes up to them and starts yelling at them to get out.

"What are you doing!?" yells the bartender. "They haven't even been here for two minutes!"

"Well," the Karen retorts. "I've heard that 5G's are bad for the environment!"

What do you call a gangster with clean teeth?


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