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Next time somebody tries to argue using statistics....

Remind them that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape.

What do 9 out of 10 people call a good time?

Gang rape.

What do nine out of ten people agree on?

Gang rape.

I don't understand why society is so against gang rape.

I mean statistically 9 out of 10 people enjoy it.


9 out of 10 people actually enjoy gang rape.

My ex was gang raped by a troupe of mime artists.

They performed unspeakable acts on her.

Currently the most offensive joke going through my head.

What did the female Marine get moments after she was gang raped by her fellow Marines?

A Dishonourable Discharge.

What do 7 out of every 8 people enjoy?

Gang rape.

What do 6 out of 7 people like?

Gang rape

What is a sure way to pleasure 9 out of 10 people?

Gang rape.

Does anyone know any good rape jokes?

Jimmy Carr, "What do nine out of 10 people enjoy? / Gang rape.")

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What is it called when 4 men gang rape a corpse?

Having a cold one with the boys.

Statistically speaking

5 out of 6 people are pro gang rape.

What can 9 out of 10 people agree on?

gang rape

What makes 9/10 people happy

Gang rape

What's an activity that 9/10 participants enjoy?

Gang rape. Sorry. Seriously, really really sorry.

Whats fun for 9/10 people?


Studies show [NSFW]

Studies show 9/10 people enjoy gang rape

9/10 people enjoy gang rape

And the 10th? Well... It's not rape if she's enjoying it

What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy

Gang Rape

testing the water to see if I get referred to the local authorities also, inspired by someone else with a rape joke

4 out of 5 people

enjoy gang rape

Recent studies have shown that 5 out of 6 people enjoy gang rapes, and would be apart of one again.

What's an activity 9/10 people enjoy?

Gang rape.

Statistically speaking...

...9/10 people _love_ gang rape

New studies in India shows that

9 out of 10 would like death penalty removed from gang rape charges

What do 8 out of 9 individuals recommend?

Gang rape.

The national statistics office just dropped a new set...

Apparently 9/10 people enjoy gang rape.

What do four out of five guys love to do?


What is something nine out of ten people enjoy?

Gang rape.

Research found that statistically,

8/10 people enjoy gang rape.

9/10 people enjoy gang rape

Gang rape is like looking for a job

In my experience, the competition is huge

It's okay if white people invade Mexico illegally, only speaking English, taking jobs, bringing gangs, rape and drugs while demand citizenship?

That is the Politically Correct thing to do.

There are 10 people in a room. What would make 9/10 of them happy ?

Gang Rape

Did you know there is a referendum in India to legalize gang rape?

Forecasts predict that 9/10 will vote 'yes'.

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